What is the best time of year to travel to Venice Italy?

The best time of the year to travel to Venice is December and January. This is what the Venetians told us the last time we went because of being less crowded.

What type of climate does Venice Italy have?

Venice is cold in winter and very hot in summer. Infact in summer the temperature is about 80,6 °F but the heat you feel is much more because of the humidity.

What is the worst period to visit Venice Italy?

Venice is very busy all the year, anyway the busiest period is between March and June and then September and October.


The summer time is probably the worst period to visit Venice because of the very hot weather.

Best time of year to visit Venice Italy

The best time of the year to visit Venice is when the city is not too busy. Venice infact is busy any time of the year but some periods it’s bearable.

It’s good to go for example in January. In this period the city is enjoyable for both residents and vistors. There is less stress for you while visiting and for the Venetians that are kinder with the tourists.

You can see here a few pictures of Venice in January.

If you go to Murano for example glass makers will be happier to show you how the glass is made. When shops are too crowded they can’t care well for all customers.

In December and January Venice is cold but if you wear a coat or a jacket you’ll be fine.

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