Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre?

How is Walt Disney Studios scaled

How is Walt Disney Studios scaled

Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris?

The entrance is very nice because it makes you feel to be in a Michey Mouse Hollywood. You can also take a picture with your favourite character.

To enter in the main area you pass through a covered area where there are shops and restaurants. It’s colorful and there are many nice details to look at.

Walt Disney Studios: video

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: The park

When you enter in the park you find Walt Disney with Michey Mouse who give you the welcome.

At a first look the park is nice but soon after you can understand that Walt Disney Studios is opened but a part of it is being refurnished. That could be a problem because the park isn’t very big and furthermore some attractions are closed for the new project.

I’m sure in the future the park will be much better than before but in the meantime the park doesn’t have enough attractions. In addition to this it hasn’t a final show.

Anyway don’t worry because it still has some good attractions and you’ll enjoy spending your time in this park.

There are also a few nice areas to see such as Toy Story Land that is very colorful.

The Best Attractions

I want to start to speak of the best attractions by “Ratatouille: The Adventure”. This is very nice and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You’ll live the Ratatouille adventure by the point of view of one of the little mouses. It’s a new 4D experience!

You should’t have problems of long lines because Ratatouille has also the single rider option and this makes your entrance faster.

Crush’s Coaster is also nice but it’s often crowded and you can’t use fastpasses to have access to this attraction.

Then there is an attraction you can also find in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando: the Hollywood Tower.

The shows

In Walt Disney Studios Paris there are 2 theaters where they do some good shows. The shows change according to the season and to the theme festival of the period. Some shows are really worthy to be seen.

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