Paris is known as the city of … The 1 irresistible city

Paris is known as the city of Love. Paris is the perfect example of the romantic city. It’s celebrated in this sense by the cinema, not only by the french but from the international one too. From the romantic movies set in Paris we can take a lot of inspiration.

Paris is known as the city of Love for example for “The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie”. You can walk arm in arm in the streets of Montmartre reminding this movie.

This timeless tale has entered into the collective imagination, to such an extent, that for years the tourists have crowded the little streets of Montmartre to visit the set. A funny and poetic love story, such as Paris, fascinating, poetic and endowed with sparkling lightness.

Paris is known as the city of Love

The parisian bridges are very romantic, a kiss on the Pont-Neuf is perfect for lovers. “The lovers of Pont-Neuf” is one of the most romantic and suffered love stories of the cinema. Walking on the most ancient Paris’ bridge is definitely an experience that touches the heart.

Then in Paris there is the Eiffel Tower. In more than one of the most recent movies you can see that the Eiffel Tower is the protaginist of a marriage proposal or love declaration. We can say that Paris is known as the city of love and in the people’s immagination it is really the city of Love.


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Paris Gardens

Relaxing and very romantic are also the Paris gardens. I think it’s very romantic to sit around a fountain and admire the city. Otherwise you can observe the city by the ferris wheel.

The couples in love can’t miss a walk by the Seine, as Woody Allen teach, and even better, a cruise on the boat. The cruise on the river allow you to admire the most celebrated Parisian monuments while you have dinner! Beautiful monuments and good food in a romantic atmosfere.

Paris is known as the city of Love. What do you think? Paris is only known as the the city of love or is it really the city of love?

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