Top 10 Tuscan village San Gimignano Italy things to do

Tuscan village San Gimignano Italy things to do

  1. Central Street and Squares
  2. Torre Grossa
  3. Hall where Dante Alighieri was
  4. Surrounding Tuscan countryside
  5. World champion ice cream parlor
  6. Cathedral
  7. Certain it
  8. Grocery stores
  9. Torture Museum
  10. Bag shops

San Gimignano Italy Virtual tour

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San Gimignano is surrounded by beautiful Tuscany. The characteristic of San Gimignano is its towers. For this reason, San Gimignano is recognizable even from a distance.

Do you see the tallest tower? It’s called Torre Grossa and it’s possible to go up to the top of the tower to see a breathtaking view! Do you want to visit the center of San Gimignano with us?

Watch the suggested video which you find here at the bottom left!

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We continue our day trip from Siena. We are in San Geminiano Tuscany Italy. Let’s go to the center of San Gimignano and we arrive at the famous Piazza Della Cisterna. This square is famous not only for its architecture but also for the excellent ice cream shop that we find on our left. In this ice cream shop, you can taste an ice cream World Champion!

With a few steps, we arrive in Piazza del Duomo where we can admire from below several of the towers of San Gimignano.

After visiting the center of San Geminiano we are now ready to go up to its tallest tower. Only a question: Is it San Geminiano or San Gimignano? The correct name is San Gimignano. How can I pronounce it correctly? What is the correct pronunciation?

In this video, you can also listen to the correct pronunciation. We are now at the top of this tower and we have in front of us a breathtaking view of the Tuscan countryside.

Central Street and Squares

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Torre Grossa

The Torre Grossa is the tallest tower among those left here in San Gimignano. The view from the Grossa is magnificent.

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San Gimignano Italy Gelato

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