6 very Amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns

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6 very amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns – The Amalfi Coast is famous worldwide, and that’s why we want to know more about the Amalfi Coast Towns that make this coast so special. We want to understand their main characteristics and their main attractions.

Let’s see the main cities of the Amalfi Coast, their characteristics and when you can go.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns


Sorrento has a big city center with many shops of any kind. It’s more like a city than a town and despite it’s a perfect place for shopping and where to spend the evening, this can make you lose the Amalfi Coast atmosphere.

Anyway, it has a very nice balcony on the sea where you can have your coffee or drink with a beautiful view. Then from Sorrento, you can see something you can’t see from Positano or Amalfi: the volcano Vesuvius.

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In the summertime, I would prefer to stay in a more Amalfitan style town than in Sorrento. In low season, however, it’s the best place to be in.

If you are In Sorrento in summer for many reasons you can go to Marina Grande for a day on the beach. As I’ve already said it’s not the best beach on the Amalfi Coast but it’s cute.

In Marina Grande, there are many restaurants. Dinner in one of those restaurants, especially those in the see it’s a beautiful experience. You can enjoy the sunset on the sea.

We can now move to the next Amalfi Coast Town: Positano. So let’s take the boat for Positano.

The following video is in Italian but you can enable the subtitles in your language.


We’re now arriving at one of the best village towns on the Amalfi Coast: Positano. Many people are enchanted by its beauty.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns
6 very amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns: Positano

As you can see below, Positano is developed on different levels and starting from the top going down to the pedestrian center you have to follow a road on the coast. On this road, you can find many restaurants with a wide view of the coast and the sea. It’s unique!

Read the following post: restaurants in Positano Italy with a view.

You’ll see many shops in the pedestrian area where you can find many clothes in a perfect Positano style.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns

At the end of everything you find something very precious in this area: the beach! This makes Positano the town to choose for those that love beaches.

As a result, maybe Positano is the best town to stay in, especially in the summertime but not in the low season. Positano is the town most affected by the tourist seasons!

What can you do in Positano? Read the following post: Positano Italy: unforgettable Things to do in Positano.

Vettica Maggiore and Praiano Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi Italy

Amalfi Italy is a very characteristic Italian Amalfi Coast Town. Like Positano, Amalfi is recognizable while you’re arriving by boat thanks to its buildings among the rocks and its unique cathedral.

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Amalfi has a nice city center and it’s quite busy every month of the year. The 6 best things you can do are:

  1. to visit the square where there is a beautiful church with a long stairway
  2. relax on the beach
  3. to visit the Emerald Grotto by boat
  4. visit the other beaches in the area (for example the beach il Duoglio)
  5. visit the Amalfi Villas in Ravello. You can go to Ravello by bus.
  6. you can taste your delicious icecream or much better a lemon granita
Italian Amalfi Coast Towns lemons
Italian Amalfi Coast lemons

The Amalfi Cathedral is the symbol of the city. It’s in Piazza del Duomo, and it’s built with medieval Roman Catholic style.

Amalfi has a nice beach, but it isn’t the only beach in the Amalfi area. There are also other beautiful hidden beaches you can easily get to by boat from Amalfi. Il Duoglio is one of these beaches. Watch the following so you can see the coast in the Amalfi area.

In Amalfi, you can take the boat and visit the Emerald Grotto. You can arrive at the Emerald Grotto also without the boat tour, anyway it’s a good way to admire the beautiful Amalfi Coast from the sea.

The Emerald Grotto is not very big in size, but the spectacle you’ll see it’s marvelous. The water into the grotto takes an intense green hue.

It’s a good choice to stay in Amalfi in the tourist season although it’s quite good also in the low season.

Ravello Italy

Ravello is visited especially for the 2 amazing villas that are here:

  • Villa Rufolo
  • Villa Cimbrione: In Villa Cimbrone there is the amazing terrace of infinity.

If you want to know more about this Italian Amalfi Coast town read the following post: Ravello Italy things to do.

Ravello Beach

Ravello is a town built on the side of a mountain. Consequently, you don’t have the beach in Ravello, but you have a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast. If you want to relax on the beach, you can go to the beach or Amalfi or Castiglione Beach.


Vietri is a town located at the end of the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno. It is a very characteristic town with a strong personality. Vietri Sul Mare is in fact the City of Ceramics. A walk through the streets of Vietri is definitely something to do on the Amalfi Coast.

When you walk around Positano you are immersed in Positanesi-style fashion, when you walk through the streets of Vietri Sul Mare instead you find yourself in a beautiful display of colors on ceramic. Ceramics are not only found in shops but Vietri is also an open-air exhibition of his art.

The ceramics cover portions of the walls, form the cornice of the staircase of the municipal villa and even the benches overlooking the sea are of many different colors.

If a lot of walking has made us hungry, we can satisfy our appetite with an excellent sandwich with the exquisite buffalo mozzarella that we find at the La Contadina shop. It is located not far from the municipal villa where we can go and enjoy it with a beautiful sea view!

When you think about Vietri, you think of its colorful potteries. You can’t go home without anything. Here you can buy very nice gifts for your family and friends.

Amalfi Coast Towns Amalfi Coast vietri
Amalfi Coast Towns: vietri

I prefer to visit Vietri rather than to stay there. Anyway, Vietri like Amalfi isn’t strongly affected by seasonability.

6 very Amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns 51
Amalfi Coast Towns: view from Vietri

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Extraordinary Pompeii Bodies: How are they been preserved?

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Pompeii Bodies pictures – How are the bodies in Pompeii preserved? We can now see the body shapes thanks to the Fiorelli Method. Fiorelli method consists in pouring liquid plaster in the cavity left by the bodies in the solidified ash layer that has preserved its shape intact.

Are there still bodies in Pompeii?

The bodies we can see now in Pompeii are only the shape of the bodies, and not the bodies themselves. Anyway those bodies help us to understand what really happend in the last moments of their life. As a result it’s impossible not to be touched by the terrible tragedy those people experienced.

Pompeii Bodies pictures:

You can see the bodies in the Garden of Fugitives which is one of the most visited and emotional areas of the entire archeological park. It’s located in the south-eastern area of Pompeii, near Porta Nocera. You can find other bodies in the Forum Granary.

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How long should I spend in Pompeii? 1 amazing day?

How long should I spend in Pompeii

How long should I spend in Pompeii? – Pompeii is a unique place and it’s really worthy of a visit. When you visit Pompeii you don’t only visit a place but also you travel through time. That’s way we want to dedicate enought time for the visit. So now we may wonder: How long should I spend in Pompeii?

How long should I spend in Pompeii?

How long should I spend in Pompeii? You should spend one whole day in Pompeii. There is a lot to see. There is the arena used by the Pink Floyd in 1971, there is the forum, the residential area, the imperial villa, the Villa of the Mysteries outside the walls and the museum.

Reading the answer to the following questions you’ll understand better how long you should spend in Pompeii. How long should I spend in Pompeii? How long does it take to get through Pompeii? How big are the ruins of Pompeii?

How long does it take to get through Pompeii?

As you see in the following picture it takes 27 minutes to go directly and without stops from the amphitheater to the Villa of the Mysteries. This may help you to undestand how big Pompeii is but you should add the time to go through all the other important streets and go inside the buildings.

How long should I spend in Pompeii?

How big are the ruins of Pompeii?

You can see in the map all the areas. As you see there are many streets.

How long should I spend in Pompeii? how long does it take to visit pompeii?

In order to understand even better how big the ruins of Pompeii are you can see the following picture.

How big are pompeii ruins

It looks like a town and not only an archeological area. Because it’s quite big you can visit it in a guided tour or plan well your tour on your own. About this subject read the following article:

Can you visit Pompeii and Herculaneum in one day?

You could visit Pompeii and Herculaneum in one day if you really don’t have other chance to do it. You can visit Herculaneum in half a day but you should spend one entire day in Pompeii. Anyway if you can’t it’s really important you organize well your visit in Pompeii. You may follow a path or do a guided tour.

Can you do Naples and Pompeii in one day?

No, you can’t. There is a lot to see both in Naples and Pompei. You wouldn’t visit well either Naples or Pompeii.

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Can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour?

Can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour

Yes, you can tour Pompeii on your own without a guided tour. You can enter in Pompeii and walk in the old city without a guide. Infact your ticket entry doesen’t includes a guided tour. It’s someting you can buy separately.

How can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour?

You should use other self guides in order to know what you are visiting and plan well your self tour.

Pompeii Tour Blink App

You can tour Pompeii on your own and see the ruins but I recommend you to use an electronic guide. For example you can use the app “Tour Blink”. This app is very usefull because contains many tours and it is also in English.

In this app you can chose the tour you prefer according also to the time you can spend in Pompeii. Otherwise you can simply search in the app more information for those momuments you’d like to know better. Some areas of this app are free but others you should buy for a couple euros.

This is a good method to tour Pompeii on your own without missing important information that can give more meaning to your visit.

Pompeii Touch App

There is another app that I especially used in Pompeii: Pompeii Touch. This app is in Italian and English. In this app there are many interesting images that show you the before and after. You can chose the basilica, the backery, the forum and many other insteresting places.

tour Pompeii on your own

After selecting your choice you can see how it is now and how it looked like when people lived here.

In this app there is also a map of Pompeii. A map is very useful in Pompeii because the archeological area is very extended.

The official web site

A map allows you to see in advance what areas you want to visit and if you get lost you can easily get your way around. You can find a map also in the official Pompeii website: http://pompeiisites.org/en/pompeii-map/.

If you don’t like use apps you can find in the same page 3 paths you can follow.

Can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour? 103

Path 1 takes 2 hours, path 2 3 hours and path 3 5 hours. If you have a limited time try to manage well your time. Don’t spend too much time on the first few buildings in order to not miss other beautiful areas.

Summary: you can tour Pompeii on your own without a tour but try to know more about what you are visiting and plan well your visit.

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Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii?

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii wall painting

Yes, it is. Pompeii is really worth the visit because it’s unique in the world. Visiting Pompei, you can go back in time. Pompei is not been rebuilt. Pompeii is the original village buried by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvio in 79 d.C..

Pompeii italy

Why is Pompeii worth to be visited

There are several reasons:

  • it’s an original roman city and not rebuilt
  • many houses are well preserved
  • You can see the different areas of an ancient roman city: the forum, the arena, the main road and other areas
  • It’s unique in the world

Imagine yourself in Pompeii 2000 years ago!

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii

The archaeologists have unearthed what had been buried; therefore, you can see what had been hidden for a long time. That’s really amazing! You can go through the streets and enter the houses. It’s really a strange feeling. There are houses so well preserved that sometimes you feel like you’re entering someone else’s house without permission.

Pompeii: the city

You can then really imagine the life of people of that time. The archaeological area in Pompeii is very big. You can first visit the arena and then go into the city.

You can walk on the main road, then enter the houses of the richest people of that time and see fountains, beautiful paintings and, so you can imagine being a guest. You can also identify the different rooms because there are still parts of the original furniture.

There are also dried figs and charred bread in the museum, besides all the other archaeological finds. These details help you to immerse yourself in time.

Pompeii: the Forum

The square called the forum was very important for Pompeiian people’s life. The Forum is the center of every Roman city. The square is the city. The square is the business center’s meeting point, where people ask and get justice, pray and buy. All these activities happened almost 2000 years ago and visiting Pompei, you are still part of it.

Pompeii: Villa of the mysteries

The utmost of your visit is when you arrive at the Villa of the Mysteries. This villa is a very good example of a roman villa. It was a very luxurious villa outside the walls of the city and it had a sea view.

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii

You can still see the beautiful paintings on the walls that represent scenes known in those ancient times. They represent, for example, Dedalus and Icarus, Theseus and the Minotaur, and Theseus, who abandons Arianna.

Is it worth it to go and visit Pompeii?

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii? Pompei is not only worthy of being visited but it’s really unique!

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Best Restaurants in Naples Italy: Where to eat in Naples

Best Restaurants in Naples Italy Where to eat in Naples scaled

Best restaurants in Naples Italy – In Naples you can eat good food everywhere and this is where you come to find truly special pizza!  To help you we’ve compiled our list of the Best Restaurants and Pizzerias in Naples where you can try true Neapolitan Specialities.

best restaurants in naples italy
Where to eat in Naples

Best restaurants in Naples Italy

Restaurant Mimì at the Railway

Restaurant Mimì is located in an alley near the Station, not the best area of Naples, but this restaurant is certainly worth a visit. It’s a historic restaurant in Naples, decorated in a classic style and often attended by celebrities. Prawns are among the restaurant’s specialties and not to be missed!

Pizzeria Vesi in Piazza Costantinopoli

There are others that get more fanfare, but Pizzeria Vesi is where I had the best pizza in Naples. The Restaurant is in the area called Spaccanapoli and is attended by tourists and students alike. Soft dough and lots of fun.

Pizzeria by Michele

Pizzeria da Michele is in the historic center in Via Sersale and it’s the most famous pizzeria in Naples. The pizzeria was famously featured in the movie “Eat Pray Love” with Julia Roberts and supposedly the actress ate ten pizzas during the recording.

The restaurant is spartan and they serve up only two kinds of pizza: Margherita and Marinara. Even though they have shared tables, since it’s so popular with tourists, the wait times are quite long. While I do think the pizza is very good, the restaurant is just too crowded and doesn’t quite live up to all the hype.

Pizzeria La Notizia al Vomero

If you want to get away from the Neapolitan chaos, then you need to head over to the Vomero area. Here you’ll find the Pizzeria “La Notizia” which has been featured in the Michelin guide. It is simple but has a very nice style both in the choice of the menu and ingredients. The traditional Pizzeria is located in Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio 53 and at number 94 is where you’ll find the gourmet Pizzeria.

On the same street, you can find “O’Sfizio d ‘a Notizia” where you can have tasty treats. The owner Enzo Coccia is a master of pizza and quite often seen on TV.

Trattoria O’Cerriglio in Piazza Dante

In the historic center is where you’ll find one of my favorite places, Trattoria O’Cerriglio. The pizza is the classic Neapolitan style and the fried foods are amazing, especially the stuffed pumpkin flowers. The menu is rich both meat and sea dishes and has something for everyone!

Trattoria Da Nennella in the Spanish Quarter

Located near the Toledo Metro stop in an alley closed to traffic, it doesn’t get any more Neapolitan than Trattoria Da Nennella. The food is homemade, the pasta with potatoes and provola is very good and very cheap, only about 15 euros, entrée and service included. Much better if you reserve a table in advance especially on Saturday evening. Not to be missed.

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