How do you get 1 Disneyland Paris Fastpass? Is it free?

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How do you get 1 Disneyland Paris Fastpass? Is it free? – Fast Passes at Disneyland Paris have long been used to allow you to skip the line for free to enter your favorite attraction. Fast Passes were essential to enhance your Disney parks experience especially when the parks were particularly busy.

If you go to Disneyland Paris now, however, you must know that they have unfortunately now been replaced by Disney Premier Access. Disney Premier Access is a non-free but paid service that allows you to skip the line at the most popular attractions in Disneyland Paris.

How Does Disney Premier Access Work?

How Does Disney Premier Access Work? Let’s see how it works in 4 steps:

  1. Open the app and log into your Disney account or create one.
  2. Associate your ticket, your package stay or your Annual Passport to your account. You should do this before your visit to the park. This way you can organize yourself better and not waste time.
  3. Once you are in the Disney parks, choose an attraction and add the people you want to do it with. You will be offered a time slot, subject to availability.
  4. After payment, go to the dedicated row of the attraction in the time slot that has been assigned to you with your QR codes (available in the “My Disney Premier Access” section of the application).

How Fastpassess worked in the past.

If you are used to use the Disneyworld FastPass, you’ll notice there is a big difference with Disneyland Paris Fastpass. Anyway, they are essential to visit Disneyland Paris especially when the park is too crowded.

In Disneyworld, your ticket allows you to book your 3 FastPass per day using the app in advance. Also, in Disneyland Paris, your ticket includes the Fastpass freely, but you can’t book them in advance.

Furthermore, Disneyland Paris Fastpass cannot be booked on all the attractions. The list of attractions found at the park entrance indicates whether a fast pass can be booked for a specific attraction.

How do you get a Disneyland Paris Fastpass?

When you are in the park and you want a FastPass you have to go to the ride you want to do and scan your ticket to the Fastpass machine. This machine gives you back the Fastpass ticket with the assigned time. The time on the ticket has a range of half an hour.

To sum up:

  1. Go to the attraction
  2. Scan your Disneyland Paris ticket on the fastpass machine
  3. The fastpass machine prints your fastpass ticket
  4. Come back to the attraction at the assigned time

Can I choose the time of my fastpass?

No, you can’t because the machine assigns you the first time available.

disneyland paris fastpass

Can I book all Fastpass that I want?

Yes, you can but pay attention! You can book only one Fastpass at a time and before taking the next one you have to complete your reserved ride.

It is, therefore, useful to make your own considerations. If I want a Fastpass for an attraction but the first time available is 6 p.m. I should consider that I can’t take other fast passes till that time. Is it maybe better to choose another Fastpass before that one?

Are Disneyland Paris Fastpass always available?

No, because they are only available till they don’t finish the available times. That means they can finish fastly when the park is too crowded. In August many attractions had run out of fast passes already in the morning.

My advice is to take your first Fastpass as soon as you enter the park or maybe soon after your first ride.

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre?

How is Walt Disney Studios scaled

Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris?

The entrance is very nice because it makes you feel to be in a Michey Mouse Hollywood. You can also take a picture with your favourite character.

To enter in the main area you pass through a covered area where there are shops and restaurants. It’s colorful and there are many nice details to look at.

Walt Disney Studios: video

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: The park

When you enter in the park you find Walt Disney with Michey Mouse who give you the welcome.

How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris

At a first look the park is nice but soon after you can understand that Walt Disney Studios is opened but a part of it is being refurnished. That could be a problem because the park isn’t very big and furthermore some attractions are closed for the new project.

I’m sure in the future the park will be much better than before but in the meantime the park doesn’t have enough attractions. In addition to this it hasn’t a final show.

Anyway don’t worry because it still has some good attractions and you’ll enjoy spending your time in this park.

There are also a few nice areas to see such as Toy Story Land that is very colorful.

The Best Attractions

I want to start to speak of the best attractions by “Ratatouille: The Adventure”. This is very nice and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You’ll live the Ratatouille adventure by the point of view of one of the little mouses. It’s a new 4D experience!

Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre? 11

You should’t have problems of long lines because Ratatouille has also the single rider option and this makes your entrance faster.

Crush’s Coaster is also nice but it’s often crowded and you can’t use fastpasses to have access to this attraction.

Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre? 12

Then there is an attraction you can also find in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando: the Hollywood Tower.

The shows

In Walt Disney Studios Paris there are 2 theaters where they do some good shows. The shows change according to the season and to the theme festival of the period. Some shows are really worthy to be seen.

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Disneyland Paris luggage storage. Very useful!

Luggage storage disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris luggage storage – Especially on our last day in Disneyland Paris when we check out of the hotel we have the problem of where leaving our luggage. That’s why we may wonder: Where can I leave luggage at Disneyland Paris? Is there luggage storage in Disneyland Paris? Is it only for those in the Disneyland Hotels or is it for every customer?

Where can I leave my luggage at Disneyland Paris?

Good news! In Disneyland Paris, there is Luggage storage. It can be used both by the Disneyland Hotels customers and by all the other customers. So in this way you shouldn’t worry if your bag doesn’t fit in the lockers.

Where is it?

The luggage storage at Disneyland Paris is on the right next to the Disneyland park entrance. You can watch the video below to know where it is.

Disneyland Paris luggage storage: where is it?

To get to the luggage storage, you have to go and pass through the park’s security control. Also, your luggage can come with you without any problems. The most important thing is you don’t carry any knives or alike objects that are not allowed in the parks.

After that, you must head towards the entrance to Disneyland but do not enter.

Disneyland Paris luggage storage: where is it?

When you arrive at the square and see the main Hotel, turn to the right. You’ll pass next to the park entrance. Go straight and you’ll see the Guest Storage.

Disneyland Paris luggage storage: where is it?

Do you need to book the luggage storage?

No, you don’t. You can go directly to the luggage storage when you need it.

What are the prices of the Disneyland Paris luggage storage?

It depends on the size of your bags. In the following picture, you can see the prices. It’s updated to August 2019.

Disneyland Paris luggage storage prices
Disneyland Paris luggage storage: prices

Small bag: 6 euro
Medium bag: 8 euro
Big Bag: 10 euro
Accessories: 2 euro

What are the opening and closing times?

The luggage storage at Disneyland Paris opens before Disneyland park and closes after the park.

For instance, in August 2019 Disneyland park opened at 10 am and closed at 11 pm. The luggage storage at 9.30 a.m. was already opened and it closed at 11.45 p.m.

Very useful that you can collect your bag at any time. You don’t need to communicate in advance the time.

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Disneyland Paris in one day? 2 parks in 1 day? Impossible?

Disney Castle Paris scaled

Disneyland Paris in one day? Yes, you can do Disneyland Paris in one day visiting the parks and doing your favorite attractions.

disneyland paris in one day

How many parks are there at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris has only two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. You may compare Disneyland park to the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios to Hollywood Studios. Futhermore Walt Disney Studios is opened but a part of it is being refurnished.

Can Disneyland Paris be done in one day?

In one day you can’t visit the two parks, do all the attractions and see the shows.

Anyway if you are in Paris for a few days and you want to visit Disneyland Paris one day it can be enough. In one day you can go around the two parks, do your top attractions and see a couple of shows. Alternatively you can focus your visit only on Disneyland Park.

disneyland paris in one day

How can I do 2 parks in 1 day?

  • Start your day at the opening time in Disneyland Park.
  • Take your first Disneyland Paris fast pass as soon as possible.
  • Spend your morning in the Disneyland Park doing the top attractions.
  • In the afternoon go to the Walt Disney Studio Park till it closes.
  • Go back to Disneyland Park because it usually closes after the Walt Disney Studio Park. So you should have still time to complete the park.
  • Finish your day in Disneyland with the final show in Disneyland Park.

In Disneyland Park you should do the following attractions:

In Walt Disney Studio:

  • Ratatouille. Don’t miss this attraction! You can use the single rider option on this attraction.
  • Choose a couple of shows you want to watch.
  • Crush’s Coaster. If you can, do also this attraction but here the line is often too long and there isn’t the fast pass option.

Disneyland Paris opening times

It’s important to be aware that the opening times in Disneyland Paris are different according to the season. In summer time Disneyland Park closes at 11 pm but in other seasons at 8 pm for example. If you want to visit Disneyland Paris in one day you should consider the opening times of your visit.

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Is it worth to go to Disneyland Paris?

Is it worth to go to Disneyland Paris

Yes it is. Of course, it’s worth it but you can’t compare Disneyland Paris to DisneyWorld. Furthermore Disneyland Paris has only two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios.

You may compare Disneyland park to the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios to Hollywood Studios.

As a result I can say that Disneyand park is a very good park but Walt Disney Studios doesn’t have enough attractions and there is still al lot of work to do.

You can watch below a few videos so you can have an idea of how Disneyland Paris is.

In the Disneyland park you’ll have a lot of fun. You can try the most popular Disney attractions and decide if they are better here or in Disneyworld. You can enter in the Sleeping Beauty Castle and follow the story on the windows. Don’t miss then the dragon in the cave under the castle!

In Disneyland Park you’ll have a lot to explore. The park has many details and if you have time you can get lost in Adventureland. You can visit the Robinson Crusoe’s house and much more. I spent a lot of time in this park and I didn’t get bored.

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Lion king show Disneyland Paris

20190807 162544

Rhythms of the pride lands: the lion king

It’s a very good show. You can see this show live in Frontierland area in Disneyland Paris park.

Lion king show Disneyland Paris 14

When the park is too crowded it’s much better to go at least 45 minutes before the start of the show. Otherwise you may not enter in the theater.

You can also see a video version of the show in Hollywood studios park Disneyland Paris.

Lion king show Disneyland Paris 15

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