The wonderful 5 Towns of Cinque Terre Italy & Luca’s Disney Town Portorosso

Cinque terre italy images tripilare 5 lands towns

Cinque terre italy images tripilare 5 lands towns

The wonderful 5 Towns of Cinque Terre Italy & Luca’s Disney Town Portorosso – The 5 Terre are a unique place between sea and mountains. The 5 lands are an ideal place for a day trip or for a longer vacation.

When to go to the 5 Terre?

The 5 Terre is an optimal destination in all seasons thanks to the mild climate.

What are the names of the towns of the 5 Terre?

Cinque Terre town names: Can you remember and pronounce well all the names of the 5 Terre? No problem: we now list them in the following video where you can also see the most beautiful places of the 5 Terre. Watch the video!

ITALY Cinque Terre town names: Can you remember and pronounce well all the names of the 5 Terre?

What are the names of the towns of the 5 lands? Here is the full list:

The 5 Terre has always been an admired and beautiful place to discover but lately, this is even more true. In fact, following the release of the Disney Pixar film Luca set in a town inspired by the 5 Terre, it is really nice to see the corners that inspired the town of Portorosso.

5 Terre Italy Map

Here you can find the map of the Cinque Terre Towns

Cinque Terre Italy Map

Monterosso Italy

Monterosso is the first town we find starting from the north. It is the largest town and is certainly an excellent starting point for visiting the 5 Terre. Very convenient is the “Monterosso Parking” which is right next to the beach. Clearly, you have to pay to park.

Monterosso train station

Monterosso train station Cinque Terre Italy

Monterosso is also the only one of the Cinque Terre villages to boast a long beach where you can relax, sunbathe or swim in the crystal clear water.

Monterosso Italy images

Vernazza Italy

The most beautiful part of Vernazza is certainly its characteristic square that is right next to the beach. In fact, it is not surprising that the square of Vernazza was the inspiration for the creation of the town of Portorosso in the Disney film Luca.

Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy

We can admire another very characteristic glimpse from the main pedestrian street that crosses this fantastic town of the Cinque Terre. We walk from the station which is located inside the village towards the main square and the sea, on the right and on the left we have houses and shops when at a certain point we see this wonderful corner.

Video Vernazza 5 Lands Italy

Text of the video

Hi everybody, here we are in Vernazza, one of the beautiful towns of the 5 Terre or five lands.

How to get to Vernazza? You can reach Vernazza by boat or by train.

From Vernazza, you can reach the following towns by boat: Monterosso on one side and Manarola. Corniglia is before Manarola that however, does not have direct access to the sea and therefore cannot be reached by boat.

To get to the Vernazza train station, just walk the main street that crosses this fantastic town from the square overlooking the sea. The train station is on the inside.

The most beautiful and characteristic part of Vernazza is certainly the square that directly overlooks the beach.

It is not surprising that this square inspired the Portorosso square in the Disney movie Luca.

Vernazza has also inspired other details of Portorosso. Try to find them out!! To do this, just walk the main street.

Now we are ready to discover other unique towns of the five lands. So I greet you and see you in the following video! Bye!

Vernazza Italy images


Corniglia is the only town in the 5 Terre that you cannot reach by tourist boat. The boat passes in front of Corniglia but does not stop.

Anyway, it’s really beautiful to admire Corniglia from the sea. It’s placed ad the top of the cliff.

Corniglia Gallery

Cinque Terre Italy Manarola

Manarola is located in the 5 Terre National Park between Corniglia and Riomaggiore. Manarola is highly recognizable for its colorful houses placed on the cliff, making it known worldwide.

What to do in Manarola? In Manarola there is a beautiful walk called Passeggiata Renato Birolli Painter. This walk allows you to skirt the sea and admire breathtaking views.

Manarola Cinque Terre Italy

In Manarola, you can also find excellent restaurants. The center of Manarola is not very extensive but characteristic. On the climb that leads to the upper internal square, you can also admire scenes of daily life from the past of this locality.

Manarola Images


Riomaggiore is another beautiful town in the Cinque Terre. Riomaggiore can be reached both by boat and by train. Watch the following video to admire its beauty from the sea.

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre Italy

What is Riomaggiore famous for? Riomaggiore is certainly famous for its beauty but in particular for the Via dell’Amore which connects Riomaggiore to Manarola thanks to a magnificent panoramic walk along the coast. The entrance to the Via dell’Amore is right next to the train station.

However, I must specify that at the moment the Way of Love is closed and not viable.

In any case, in the Cinque Terre, there are other scenic routes that can be traveled, such as the Renato Birolli walk-in Manarola.

The Cinque Terre have always been a tourist destination but their popularity has increased greatly following the Disney movie “Luca”. The Cinque Terre are in fact the place of inspiration for the creation of the town of Portorosso where the film is set. Here in Riomaggiore in particular we are struck by the small port and the adjacent red house. Doesn’t it remind you of Giulia’s house in the Disney movie?

Watch the following short video: 5 Terre Riomaggiore Italy & Giulia’s house in the Disney movie Luca

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre Italy

A useful piece of information is that here in Riomaggiore we have luggage storage not far from the station. We find the sign right in front of the train station.

Riomaggiore luggage storage

Photo Gallery

5 Lands or Cinque Terre Italy in the autumn season

The Cinque Terre are known to be a beautiful tourist destination in spring or summer. What about autumn? Is it worth going to the 5 Terre in autumn? My answer is certainly yes as the climate in the 5 Terre is quite mild and you can find splendid sunny days.

For example, we went to the 5 Terre during the last days of October 2021 and there were still people bathing! The water was clear and the day was splendid: the temptation was really strong.

Cinque Terre Italy Monterosso

Probably those days were warmer than the seasonal average but even with lower temperatures, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the 5 Terre, good food and walks.

Cinque Terre Italy Manarola

Everyone who was with us after having been to the Cinque Terre in autumn would absolutely want to go back, so our experience was more than positive.

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