Is Verona Italy worth seeing?

Is Verona Italy worth seeing 1

Is Verona Italy worth seeing? Many people when they think to the most popular Italian cities such as Venice, Florence or Rome they don’t have any doubt. Verona is less known and someone wonder if it’s worth seeing. The answer is: Yes, it is!

Why is Verona Italy worth seeing?

There are many reasons to visit Verona. Verona is a historical city, a romantic city and it’s very enjoyable walking through the streets and squares.

From an historical point of view Verona has its amphitheater that makes this city unique and different from all the other Italian cities in the north. Furthermore, sometimes there are still concerts in the amphitheater. You can see the concert calendar at the following link: concerts Arena di Verona.html

So you can visit the Verona amphitheater as a monument or you can live the emotion to listen to a concert in the amphitheater. The audio in the amphitheater is special and of good quality and this gives more value to the artists.

Is Verona Italy worth seeing

Then you can be amazed when you observe the city from above. From Torre Lamberti infact you can have a beautiful view of the city. It’s easy to reach the top of the tower because if you don’t want to climb all the steps you can use the elevator.

Or you can go to Castel San Pietro square that is on the top of a hill and give a look to the entire city from this beautiful panoramic point. You can see the picture below.

Is Verona Italy worth seeing

What is the city of Verona known for?

Verona is an historical city and is the city of love but what makes it legendary is that Romeo and Juliet’s story is set in Verona. Do you want to pretend to be Romeo and Juliet? You can go on Juliet’s balcony and say:

Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo?

ROMEO AND JULIET by: William Shakespeare

It may be so romantic! For sure something to tell about when you’ll be back home.

To know more read also the following article: What to see in Verona in one day.

Verona in one day – What to see in Verona in one day

What to see in Verona in one day castelvecchio

Verona in one day – You can easily reach Verona by train from Milan so it’s a good city for a day trip.

What is there to do in Verona?

Verona is one of the most romantic cities. Verona is the city of love. It’s the city of Romeo and Juliet. In Verona you can visit the places linked with their romantic story.

Verona is also much more. Verona is a historical city. In Verona you can find monuments of the roman times and of the middle ages.

In Verona you can also do good shopping and have good food.

Verona in one day - What to see in Verona in one day 1

What can you do in Verona for a day?

You can do a lot in Verona in a day. Verona has a very nice city center and most of the monuments and points of interest are located in this area. You don’t even need the car or public transportation because you can visit Verona on foot.

However to get to the city center from the station and visit other attractions outside the city center you can get the Verona Card which allows you to get on any transportation and visit the most popular museums and all the following attractions of the city skipping the lines.

  • Verona amphitheater
  • Casa Giulietta
  • Tomba di Giulietta
  • Museo degli Affreschi G.B. Cavalcaselle (tomba di Giulietta)
  • Museo di Castelvecchio
  • Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano
  • Galleria d’arte moderna
  • Museo di storia naturale

You can buy the Verona Card on-line at the following link: The price is 20 euros for 24 hours.

The Arena: Verona amphitheater

The arena is the roman amphitheater situated in the city center and it’s one of the simbols of Verona. Once inside you’ll feel as in the roman times. You can go through a tunnel and see how the gladiators went in the battle area.

To have a nice view you can go up to the top of the high steps. You can see either the battle field and the square on the other side.

Verona in one day: Juliet’s House

As you enter into the courtyard you can see for free Juliet’s house and its balcony and the Statue of Juliet.

Verona in one day - What to see in Verona in one day 2

You can enter with your ticket or Verona Card and visit the inside: her bedroom, her belongings and other rooms. From one of the room you can step outside on her balcony and pretend to call your Romeo.

From Juliet’s House you can get to Piazza delle Erbe where you find a local market and a view of Torre Lamberti and its square.

Verona in one day: Torre Lamberti

From Piazza delle Erbe you can enter into Torre Lamberti. It’s the highest tower in Verona where you either take the elevator or use the steps and reach the top in order to take a look at the whole beautiful city.

Romeo’s house Osteria del Duca

In Verona there still is Romeo’s house which isn’t a museum or a place to visit. Anyway in a part of the house there is now a very good restaurant. So you can have good food and in the meantime enjoy his house.


Castelvecchio is the castle of Verona. It’s very big to visit and it has a museum. You can visit both inside and outside on the top of the castle and from the top you can see the river Adige and as you walk around the walls you can see the whole city.

What should you not miss in Verona?

You should’t miss the Arena, Juliet’s House, Piazza delle Erbe, Torre Lamberti and Castelvecchio even if you visit Verona in one day.

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