Can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour?

Can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour

Yes, you can tour Pompeii on your own without a guided tour. You can enter in Pompeii and walk in the old city without a guide. Infact your ticket entry doesen’t includes a guided tour. It’s someting you can buy separately.

How can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour?

You should use other self guides in order to know what you are visiting and plan well your self tour.

Pompeii Tour Blink App

You can tour Pompeii on your own and see the ruins but I recommend you to use an electronic guide. For example you can use the app “Tour Blink”. This app is very usefull because contains many tours and it is also in English.

In this app you can chose the tour you prefer according also to the time you can spend in Pompeii. Otherwise you can simply search in the app more information for those momuments you’d like to know better. Some areas of this app are free but others you should buy for a couple euros.

This is a good method to tour Pompeii on your own without missing important information that can give more meaning to your visit.

Pompeii Touch App

There is another app that I especially used in Pompeii: Pompeii Touch. This app is in Italian and English. In this app there are many interesting images that show you the before and after. You can chose the basilica, the backery, the forum and many other insteresting places.

tour Pompeii on your own

After selecting your choice you can see how it is now and how it looked like when people lived here.

In this app there is also a map of Pompeii. A map is very useful in Pompeii because the archeological area is very extended.

The official web site

A map allows you to see in advance what areas you want to visit and if you get lost you can easily get your way around. You can find a map also in the official Pompeii website:

If you don’t like use apps you can find in the same page 3 paths you can follow.

Can you tour Pompeii on your own without a tour? 2

Path 1 takes 2 hours, path 2 3 hours and path 3 5 hours. If you have a limited time try to manage well your time. Don’t spend too much time on the first few buildings in order to not miss other beautiful areas.

Summary: you can tour Pompeii on your own without a tour but try to know more about what you are visiting and plan well your visit.

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Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii?

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii wall painting

Yes, it is. Pompeii is really worth the visit because it’s unique in the world. Visiting Pompei, you can go back in time. Pompei is not been rebuilt. Pompeii is the original village buried by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvio in 79 d.C..

Pompeii italy

Why is Pompeii worth to be visited

There are several reasons:

  • it’s an original roman city and not rebuilt
  • many houses are well preserved
  • You can see the different areas of an ancient roman city: the forum, the arena, the main road and other areas
  • It’s unique in the world

Imagine yourself in Pompeii 2000 years ago!

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii

The archaeologists have unearthed what had been buried; therefore, you can see what had been hidden for a long time. That’s really amazing! You can go through the streets and enter the houses. It’s really a strange feeling. There are houses so well preserved that sometimes you feel like you’re entering someone else’s house without permission.

Pompeii: the city

You can then really imagine the life of people of that time. The archaeological area in Pompeii is very big. You can first visit the arena and then go into the city.

You can walk on the main road, then enter the houses of the richest people of that time and see fountains, beautiful paintings and, so you can imagine being a guest. You can also identify the different rooms because there are still parts of the original furniture.

There are also dried figs and charred bread in the museum, besides all the other archaeological finds. These details help you to immerse yourself in time.

Pompeii: the Forum

The square called the forum was very important for Pompeiian people’s life. The Forum is the center of every Roman city. The square is the city. The square is the business center’s meeting point, where people ask and get justice, pray and buy. All these activities happened almost 2000 years ago and visiting Pompei, you are still part of it.

Pompeii: Villa of the mysteries

The utmost of your visit is when you arrive at the Villa of the Mysteries. This villa is a very good example of a roman villa. It was a very luxurious villa outside the walls of the city and it had a sea view.

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii

You can still see the beautiful paintings on the walls that represent scenes known in those ancient times. They represent, for example, Dedalus and Icarus, Theseus and the Minotaur, and Theseus, who abandons Arianna.

Is it worth it to go and visit Pompeii?

Is it worth to go and visit Pompeii? Pompei is not only worthy of being visited but it’s really unique!

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