Stresa Italy Lake Maggiore: 1 luxurious town

Lake Maggiore Stresa italy

Stresa Italy – Stresa is a gorgeous town on Lake Maggiore. It has beautiful gardens, luxory hotels and a beautiful view on the Borromean Islands.

Stresa can be a good place where you can rest drinking your cocktail and enyoing the lake view but can also be a good place to visit.

Stresa Italy Lake Maggiore

Video Stresa Italy

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Borromean Islands Lake Maggiore

In the following video, you can see a beautiful view of the magnificent Borromean Islands Lake Maggiore. It’s a winter morning and the sun still timidly warms Lake Maggiore. In front of us we have the Pescatori island, then the Madre island and again behind the magnificent Verbania. On our right, we cannot forget Isola Bella.

You can see something more about the Stresa Islands in the following video:

Stresa Lake Maggiore what to visit

In Stresa there are several things you can see and visit. Stresa what to visit:

  1. Walk along the lake to the cable car
  2. Visit the Borromean Islands
  3. Visit the Hermitage of Santa Caterina
  4. Visit the Mottarone (Mottarone Stresa)
  5. Visit the Pallavicino Park
Stresa Lake Maggiore what to visit Hermitage of Santa Caterina
Hermitage of Santa Caterina

Stresa Italy lakefront

In this video I will take you on a beautiful walk along the lakefront of Stresa Lago Maggiore. We start our tour here, where private motorboats stop in high season to take you to visit the Borromean Islands.

Behind us we also have the Stresa pier where you can take the boat to visit the islands and other places on Lake Maggiore such as the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, Verbania and Baveno.

In front of us, we see Isola Bella. Until 1630 Isola Bella was only a rock inhabited by fishermen. Today, it is one of the most beautiful things to visit on Lake Maggiore for the magnificent Borromeo palace and its gardens, which have been included among the most beautiful gardens in the world by sites and specialized magazines.

Just turning our gaze, we also see the mother island. Isola Madre, already owned by the Borromeo family since about 1500, is now worth a visit, especially for its garden. Today, the one on Isola Madre is a unique botanical garden for rare plant essences worldwide that find an excellent home here on Lake Maggiore thanks to the mild and favorable temperatures. Behind the Isola Madre, along the coast, we can see Verbania and, more precisely, Pallanza and Suna’s areas.

Along with this lakefront stretch, we have the beach, the public parks, the private gardens of the hotels, and the bars that overlook the lake. On the left, we have the luxurious hotels for which Stresa is also famous. Here is the indication for Mottarone. From this road, it is in fact possible to reach the top of Mount Mottarone by car. From Mottarone, you have a magnificent view not only on Lake Maggiore but on a total of 7 lakes! From Mottarone, you can, in fact, see the

  1. Lago Maggiore
  2. Lago d’Orta
  3. Lago di Mergozzo
  4. Lago di Varese
  5. Lago di Monate
  6. Lago di Camabbio
  7. Lago Biandronno

We have now reached the end of this walk together. From here, it is, however, possible to continue on foot. In fact, after a stretch of sidewalk that runs along the road, you can get to another walk that runs along the lakefront and ends at the square, where it is possible to take the cable car to the Mottarone. This place is one of the most beautiful places to take a picture or take a selfie due to Isola Bella and Pescatori’s proximity.

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Places you can visit when you are in Stresa:

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore


Stresa is a very gorgeous town but it’s what there is around that makes it more special.

That’s why you should go on the top of the montain called Mottarone. It’s very easy to get here because you can come by car or cableway.

If you don’t have the car and you arrive in Stresa by train you can walk and arrive to Stresa Carciano. It takes only 10 minutes from the train station.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 1

From this place you can also have a beautiful view of 2 of the Borromean Islands: the Beautiful Island and Fisherman’s Island.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 2

The cost of the cableway is 20 Euro roundtrip (in August 2019).

Why is Mottarone worthy of your visit

There are more reasons why you should visit Mottarone: a beautiful view, good food, a lot of fun and nature.

Mottarone Stresa: a beautiful view

Mottarone is unique! From the top of Mottarone you can have an amazing view of 7 lakes:

  1. Lake Maggiore
  2. Lake Orta
  3. Lake Mergozzo
  4. Lake Varese
  5. Lake Monate
  6. Lake Camabbio
  7. Lake Biandronno

And then you can see the Alps all around you.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 5

Mottarone Stresa: good food

In this area there are many restaurants and you can have very good italian fresh food.

They are abundant and filling. Prevalently they have dishes of meat and main courses typically from the mountains.

Mottarone Stresa: a lot of fun

On the top of this montain there is Alpyland. Alpyland is a rollercoaster and you can have a lot of fun and an amazing view in the meantime. For more information read the article: Alpyland Mottarone rollercoaster

Mottarone Stresa: nature

If you’d like to walk there are many footpaths in this area. Furthermore you may meet special residents of this montain: donkeys.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 7
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