Things to do in Sirmione Italy Lake Garda: 1 Amazing Town!

Italy Lake garde sirmione in winter castle scaled

Sirmione is on Lake Garda, Italy and it is really an amazing town. What are the things to do in Sirmione? Let’s see together!

Sirmione things to do

In Sirmione you can:

  1. Visit the center of the town where there are many nice shops
  2. Walk along the Lake
  3. Visit the beautiful castle
  4. Enjoy the food and especially one of the enormous ice cream!

Sirmione Italy in Winter

Sirmione can surprise you in every season. Sirmione in winter is really worth to be visited. You should stay in Sirmione till the night when the castle gets magically illuminated. Watch the video!

Lake Garda Sirmione in winter

Sirmione Castle

We are in Sirmione Italy Lake Garda. One of the most beautiful things you can visit here is the Sirmione castle. Sirmione Castle dates back to the second half of 1300. Sirmione Castle is not only interesting for its history, on the contrary! Sirmione castle is magnificent because you can go up to its highest tower and have a magnificent view of Lake Garda and Sirmione from above.

Lake Garda Sirmione Castle

Sirmione Ice Cream

In Italy, there are many places where you can have good ice cream. In Sirmione is not only good but also enormous!

Sirmione Italy Lake Garda ice cream

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