Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view

Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view

We have selected for you the top 3 best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view. Here our result:

  1. Il Tridente
  2. La Sponda
  3. La Tagliata

Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view

Il Tridente

Il Tridente is an excellent restaurant because it has a great view it has open spaces, the bar is nice and every dish we tasted was amazing.

Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view
Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view

It is an elegant restaurant with a nice view, good food and it is not too expensive. The staff is very friendly but at the same time professional.

For the food, we all appreciated the appetizer offered by the restaurant: Fiori di Zucca in pastella. It was very delicious. We also appreciated the ravioli because they had perfect combinations of ingredients: pesto, tomato and mozzarella di bufala was a great combination.

The pasta linguine with the lobster was delicious. The linguine were amazing because the taste was excellent and also the portion was big. Also the lobster had a good size in the pasta for the price.

We also appreciated the dessert Delizia al Limone because it was super creamy, sweet and just the right amount of lemon.

The atmosphere is perfect because you have an elegant restaurant, with a special view on Positano, a good service, the people in the restaurant are friendly. Furthermore, there is also the music that makes your experience at the Tridente restaurant more special.

La Sponda

Eating in this restaurant is a really nice experince especially if you’re not on a budget because this restaurant is very expensive. La Sponda is very elegant and the menus offers a different taste and not simple dishes.

Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view
Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view: La Sponda.

The atmosphere is the best among all the restaurants in Positano. There were the mandolins and 2 mans normally play and sing tipical italian songs and other famous song such like the Godfather. They also come next to your table and they make you feel very special. Furthermore the view is amazing.

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It is not a good place for kids because the menu doesn’t contain tipical food and the taste of this dishes maybe results a little strange if you’re not used to eat it and you are used to eat simple food.

We could insert the Sponda to the very top of our list but it is very expensive and it not for everybody.

La Tagliata

The Tagliata is very good, they give you huge portions and so you get a good value for your money. The quality of the food is good, they don’t give you fancy food but it’s homemade food, rustic.

The view of the Tagliata is excellent. If you go for the sunset you have an amazing view especially if you ask for a table close to the window in order to sit near the balcony because the view in the inside isn’t as good.

Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view la tagliata positano
Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view

It’s a good place especially for families becaouse it isn’t super fancy. You don’t need to dress up and it also convinient because they bring you up with the shuttle and they bring you to the restaurant. In this way you don’t need to warry about the drive because it’s not so easy to get here by car because in this area they are quite crazy drivers. ;).

The following video shows you the amazing view from this restaurant terrace at sunset time.

Other restaurants ideas

  • Lo Monessa Praiano
  • Terrazza Celè Positano
  • Alfonso a Mare Marina di Praia
Top 3 Best restaurants in Positano Italy with a view 1

Best restaurants in Positano Italy without a view

There are other very good restaurants in Positano but that they don’t have a view. Here you can find the list of the restaurants in Positano we have selected for you.

  • La Taverna del Leone
  • Il Saraceno
  • Da Vincenzo

Da Vincenzo

It’s a very good restaurant. The panzerotti they have are very good because they are cruncy. The ravioli with scamorza, pomodori and melanzane were very appraciated in our table. Shrimp tempura was very good. The tempura was light but crunchy and they give you big shrimps.

The best dessert in this restaurnat we have tasted is the cheesecake with berries.

This restaurnat offers a very good value for the price. They have very good food, the restaurant is nice and is located in Positano. You don’t need any transportation to get here if you stay in Positano.

Da Vincenzo you don’t have the view but you can see amazing view soon after you are out odf the restaurant.

Il Saraceno

It’s a good restaurant especially for the pizza. The pizza is very good for good price in Positano. It’s a place where you can go with your family and a place where you can eat good italian pizza.

The pizza is excellent and it has the good quantity of toppings in the middle and the crost wasn’t too big. For example one of our pizzas had good tomatos, bufala and mozzarella. The crost was also cooked perfectly.

The location isn’t special because there is no view it is a easy place for a pizza. It’s a place where you can go with your children. About the service the waiters are sometimes pushy but also friendly.

La Taverna del Leone

It’s not in the center of Positano but you don’t have problem to get to the restaurant because they have a shuttle service. The restaurant is along the main road and you dont have any view.

For the amount of food and the quality the price is reasonable. They have scallops with the bacon that are very good. We also liked the cheesecake but what the best dessert was the croccante con torroncino: very delicious!

We appreciate the service because it wasn’t super professional but they were very reasonable to adapt the tasting menu to our needs. Infact in this restaurant you can choose a tasting menu of 5 dishes.

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