TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy

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TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy – Amalfi is a small but very characteristic town. The center itself is not very large but full of beautiful shops. The symbol of Amalfi, however, is certainly the Cathedral. The Duomo is also recognizable as you arrive in Amalfi by boat. The Cathedral of Amalfi is in fact one of the most photographed monuments of this beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast as it is one of a kind.

If it is true that the center of Amalfi is not very extensive and does not require a lot of time to visit, it is also true that there are many things to see around Amalfi. For this reason, if you come here to Amalfi, allow yourself at least a few days to fully enjoy this fantastic location on the Amalfi Coast.

Video Amalfi seen from the sea

To begin we admire Amalfi from the sea in the following video which also shows you some things to do and see here in Amalfi.

Video Text:

Amalfi Italy what to do? Things to do in Amalfi!

Hi! In this video, we see the beautiful Amalfi from the sea! Admiring Amalfi from the sea always gives us a beautiful view.

Arriving by boat in Amalfi is not only beautiful but also very comfortable. You can reach the center of Amalfi with only a few steps to see the cathedral more closely, choose between excellent ice cream and a super lemon granita, or go shopping in one of the beautiful shops you can find here.

As you can see, the bus stop is right in front of the port. Then from here, you can easily travel by bus to reach places like Positano and Ravello. The beach is also right here next to the port and the center of Amalfi! Now we have only to choose what we want to visit! In the meantime, I greet you and see you in the following video!

TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy

What to see in Amalfi? What are the things to see in Amalfi not to be missed? Here is our list!

  1. The central street with the shops and the facade of the Cathedral of Amalfi
  2. Visit inside the Amalfi Cathedral
  3. Villa Cimbrone in Ravello with the magnificent Infinity Terrace
  4. Villa Rufolo with the magnificent auditorium for outdoor concerts overlooking the sea
  5. The Duoglio Beach (in summer)
  6. The lido of Ravello or Castiglione beach
  7. Positano
  8. The Vallone delle Ferriere nature reserve
  9. Minori and the Sal del Riso pastry shop
  10. The beach of Santa Croce

Amalfi in winter

Amalfi is known all over the world for its beauty and particularity. What are the most characteristic areas of Amalfi? We certainly have the main square where we see the Cathedral of Amalfi and the port among the many. These 2 places have also been the set of numerous international films.

Amalfi is an excellent destination for spring-summer when we can enjoy the beaches of Amalfi, the beautiful sea and when we can go shopping as all the shops are open. But what about Amalfi in winter?

Amalfi is an excellent destination to go to even in winter: a walk through the streets of the center, a lunch in one of the excellent restaurants, a stop in the square to admire the Cathedral of Amalfi, and for super delicious ice cream even in winter thanks at the mild temperature of Amalfi.

One thing not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast in winter is the sunset. In fact, both in winter and in summer we have more opportunities to admire magnificent sunsets. In this video, we are mainly located near the tourist port of Amalfi. On one side is the illuminated Amalfi seafront and on the other a magnificent sunset.

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Amalfi Coast Italy


6 very Amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns

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6 very amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns – The Amalfi Coast is famous worldwide, and that’s why we want to know more about the Amalfi Coast Towns that make this coast so special. We want to understand their main characteristics and their main attractions.

Let’s see the main cities of the Amalfi Coast, their characteristics and when you can go.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns


Sorrento has a big city center with many shops of any kind. It’s more like a city than a town and despite it’s a perfect place for shopping and where to spend the evening, this can make you lose the Amalfi Coast atmosphere.

Anyway, it has a very nice balcony on the sea where you can have your coffee or drink with a beautiful view. Then from Sorrento, you can see something you can’t see from Positano or Amalfi: the volcano Vesuvius.

In the following video, you can see this beautiful view from this balcony at sunset time. Watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you aren’t already subscribed! Subscribe here!

In the summertime, I would prefer to stay in a more Amalfitan style town than in Sorrento. In low season, however, it’s the best place to be in.

If you are In Sorrento in summer for many reasons you can go to Marina Grande for a day on the beach. As I’ve already said it’s not the best beach on the Amalfi Coast but it’s cute.

In Marina Grande, there are many restaurants. Dinner in one of those restaurants, especially those in the see it’s a beautiful experience. You can enjoy the sunset on the sea.

We can now move to the next Amalfi Coast Town: Positano. So let’s take the boat for Positano.

The following video is in Italian but you can enable the subtitles in your language.


We’re now arriving at one of the best village towns on the Amalfi Coast: Positano. Many people are enchanted by its beauty.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns
6 very amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns: Positano

As you can see below, Positano is developed on different levels and starting from the top going down to the pedestrian center you have to follow a road on the coast. On this road, you can find many restaurants with a wide view of the coast and the sea. It’s unique!

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You’ll see many shops in the pedestrian area where you can find many clothes in a perfect Positano style.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns

At the end of everything you find something very precious in this area: the beach! This makes Positano the town to choose for those that love beaches.

As a result, maybe Positano is the best town to stay in, especially in the summertime but not in the low season. Positano is the town most affected by the tourist seasons!

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Vettica Maggiore and Praiano Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi Italy

Amalfi Italy is a very characteristic Italian Amalfi Coast Town. Like Positano, Amalfi is recognizable while you’re arriving by boat thanks to its buildings among the rocks and its unique cathedral.

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Amalfi has a nice city center and it’s quite busy every month of the year. The 6 best things you can do are:

  1. to visit the square where there is a beautiful church with a long stairway
  2. relax on the beach
  3. to visit the Emerald Grotto by boat
  4. visit the other beaches in the area (for example the beach il Duoglio)
  5. visit the Amalfi Villas in Ravello. You can go to Ravello by bus.
  6. you can taste your delicious icecream or much better a lemon granita
Italian Amalfi Coast Towns lemons
Italian Amalfi Coast lemons

The Amalfi Cathedral is the symbol of the city. It’s in Piazza del Duomo, and it’s built with medieval Roman Catholic style.

Amalfi has a nice beach, but it isn’t the only beach in the Amalfi area. There are also other beautiful hidden beaches you can easily get to by boat from Amalfi. Il Duoglio is one of these beaches. Watch the following so you can see the coast in the Amalfi area.

In Amalfi, you can take the boat and visit the Emerald Grotto. You can arrive at the Emerald Grotto also without the boat tour, anyway it’s a good way to admire the beautiful Amalfi Coast from the sea.

The Emerald Grotto is not very big in size, but the spectacle you’ll see it’s marvelous. The water into the grotto takes an intense green hue.

It’s a good choice to stay in Amalfi in the tourist season although it’s quite good also in the low season.

Ravello Italy

Ravello is visited especially for the 2 amazing villas that are here:

  • Villa Rufolo
  • Villa Cimbrione: In Villa Cimbrone there is the amazing terrace of infinity.

If you want to know more about this Italian Amalfi Coast town read the following post: Ravello Italy things to do.

Ravello Beach

Ravello is a town built on the side of a mountain. Consequently, you don’t have the beach in Ravello, but you have a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast. If you want to relax on the beach, you can go to the beach or Amalfi or Castiglione Beach.


Vietri is a town located at the end of the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno. It is a very characteristic town with a strong personality. Vietri Sul Mare is in fact the City of Ceramics. A walk through the streets of Vietri is definitely something to do on the Amalfi Coast.

When you walk around Positano you are immersed in Positanesi-style fashion, when you walk through the streets of Vietri Sul Mare instead you find yourself in a beautiful display of colors on ceramic. Ceramics are not only found in shops but Vietri is also an open-air exhibition of his art.

The ceramics cover portions of the walls, form the cornice of the staircase of the municipal villa and even the benches overlooking the sea are of many different colors.

If a lot of walking has made us hungry, we can satisfy our appetite with an excellent sandwich with the exquisite buffalo mozzarella that we find at the La Contadina shop. It is located not far from the municipal villa where we can go and enjoy it with a beautiful sea view!

When you think about Vietri, you think of its colorful potteries. You can’t go home without anything. Here you can buy very nice gifts for your family and friends.

Amalfi Coast Towns Amalfi Coast vietri
Amalfi Coast Towns: vietri

I prefer to visit Vietri rather than to stay there. Anyway, Vietri like Amalfi isn’t strongly affected by seasonability.

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Amalfi Coast Towns: view from Vietri

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