5 very amazing italian Amalfi Coast Towns

5 very amazing italian Amalfi Coast Towns 1

5 very amazing italian Amalfi Coast Towns – The Amalfi Coast is famous worldwidely, anyway we want to know more about the Amalfi Coast Towns. We want to understand their main characteristics and their main attractions.

Let’s see the main cities of the Amalfi Coast, their characteristics and when you can go.

Italian Amalfi Coast Towns

Amalfi Italy

Amalfi has a nice city center and it’s quite busy in every month of the year. The 2 best things you can do are:

  • to visit the square where there is a beautiful church with a long stairway
  • to visit the Emerald Grotto by boat
  • visit the Amalfi Villas in Ravello. You can go to Ravello by bus.

The Amalfi Cathedral is the symbol of the city. It’s in Piazza del Duomo and it’s built with medieval Roman Catholic style.

In Amalfi you can take the boat and visit the Emerald Grotto. You can arrive to the Emerald Grotto also without the boat tour, anyway it’s a good way to admire the beautiful Amalfi Coast from the see.

The Emerald Grotto is not very big in size but the spectacle you’ll see it’s very marvelous. The water into the grotto takes an intense green hue.

It’s a good choice to stay in Amalfi in the touristic season although it’s quite good also in low season.


Positano is one of the best village town in Amalfi Coast. Many people are enchanted by its beauty.

Amalfi Coast Towns Amalfi Coast Positano
Amalfi Coast Towns: Positano

As you can see below Positano is devoloped on different levels and starting from the top going down to the pedestrian center you have to follow a road on the coast. On this road you can find many restaurants with a wide view of the coast and of the see. It’s unique!

In the pedestrian area you’ll see many shops where you can find many clothes in a perfect Positan’s style.

Amalfi Coast Towns Amalfi Coast positano

At the end of everything you find something very precious in this area: the beach! This makes Positano the town to choose for those that love beaches.

As a result maybe Positano is the best town to stay in especially in the summertime but not in the low season. Positano is the town most affected by the touristic seasons!

What can you do in Positano? Read the following post: Positano Italy: unforgettable Things to do in Positano.


Amalfi Coast Towns Amalfi Coast vietri
Amalfi Coast Towns: vietri

When you think about Vietri you think to its colorful potteries. You can’t go home without something. Here you can buy very nice gifts for your family and friends.

I prefer to visit Vietri rather than to stay there. Anyway Vietri like Amalfi isn’t strongly affected by seasonability.

5 very amazing italian Amalfi Coast Towns 17
Amalfi Coast Towns: view from Vietri


Sorrento has a big city center with many shops of any kind. It’s more like a city than a town and despite it’s a very good place for shopping and where to spend the evening, this can make you lose the Amalfi Coast atmosphere.

Anyway it has a very nice balcony on the see where you can have your coffee or drink with a beautiful view.

Amalfi Coast sorrento

In summertime I would prefer to stay in a more Amalfitan style town than in Sorrento. In low season however it’s the best place to be in.

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