Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa leaning? Was the Leaning Tower of Pisa a mistake?

Why is the leaning tower of pisa leaning

Why is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning? – Pisa is a nice city but what makes it unique in the world is its leaning tower. Pisa in fact is very famous for its square and especially for its leaning tower. Everybody visiting Pisa wants to take the picture in front of this special tower and pretend to sustain it with his hand.

The Leaning tower of Pisa is really unique! Do you want to know more about this tower? Why is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning? Is it a problem? What keeps the leaning tower of Pisa from falling?

The leaning tower of Pisa

The leaning tower is composed of a cylindrical stone body surrounded by open galleries with arcades and pillars resting on a bottom shaft, with the bell on top.

Was the leaning tower of Pisa a mistake?

When the leaning tower of Pisa was built, in 1173 nobody made any mistake. Why is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning? However after a while the tower had caught the attention of several artists for its inclination.

Why is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning?

It was discovered that the ground beneath the tower was essentially made of sand and shortly after the inauguration it started to tilt.

This caused an inclination of the tower which is currently inclined by 3.9 degrees.

Why is the leaning tower of pisa leaning was the leaning tower of pisa a mistake

What keeps the leaning tower of Pisa from falling?

The leaning tower of Pisa has not fallen till now thanks to the big work of specialized workers who acted specificallly to prevent its falling.

The current building is the result of time-consuming reconstruction work, mostly to reduce the risk that the tower might collapse as a consequence of its remarkable inclination.

I remember that in the corse of past years the tower was closed to the public for many years. For example it was closed the January 7th 1990 and it opened again 12 years later. Other times I’ve visited the tower while the workers were working upon it.

Why is the Pisa tower so famous?

Apart from its extremely famous inclination that really seems to defy the laws of statics, the Tower of the Cathedral is a very unusual building and one of a kind.

This is true for the high historical and artistic value of its forms and because of its peculiar location, within that vast and equally unique area that is the Piazza dei Miracoli.

Where is it?

The building is located in Piazza dei Miracoli but far from the Cathedral, between the apsidal area and the south-eastern section of the transept of the Cathedral.

This is an unusual location although this is not the only case as it can be found in other complexes in town and in other Italian buildings. However usually a tower was erected near the facade or along one side of the church.

Inside the Leaning Tower

This stone area accommodates a winding staircase with 293 steps leading up to the open galleries, to the bell on top and to the lower mezzanine floors. The inner shaft is closed by a vault with a central hole to let light in.

The lower floor, the six open galleries and the bell divide the tower into eight segments that are called orders.

The lower floor is enriched by a round of blind arcades placed on half columns. Under the arcade there is a diamond-shaped compass inlaid with polychrome marble with a raised rosette in the middle.

The solid wall is interrupted by the openings of some narrow single-lancet windows. Westwards it’s also interrupeted by the only entrance door: a rectangular area framed by a lintel.

Above the lintel there is a crescent-shaped arch with an inlaid archivolt. It rests on two capitals as a continuation of the jambs forming a shrine containing the bust of a 14th-century Virgin with Child.

On the sides of the door there are some friezes decorated with animals and monstrous figures. There are also the unusual figures of some ships frame the commemorative epigraph of the foundation of the building.

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Bellagio Italy Lake Como in Winter. 1 famous & little town

Bellagio Lake Como in winter

Bellagio Italy Lake Como Winter. In a beautiful day we have visited Bellagio Lake Como. It’s still winter but the shining sun helps us to enjoy the day. Many hotels are closed but the restaurants are opened and we can really enjoy the food (see the pictures at italian food lake como bellagio). To see better Bellagio Lake Como in winter we take the boat.

bellagio italy lake como

Video Bellagio Italy

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Lake Garda Malcesine in Winter: the beach, the castle and the amazing sunset. Watch the following video!

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How many days do you need in Amalfi Coast?

Best Amalfi Coast Sunset Positano Italy

How many days do you need in Amalfi Coast? You need 5 full days. (1-6)

I can give you a possible Amalfi Coast Itinerary. This itinerary includes the Amalfi Coast towns and Capri.

You can do this itinerary alone or you can insert it in another tour. You can easily reach the Amalfi Coast for example from Florence, the Chianti Area or Rome.

You can also extend the days you stay in the area and enjoy Naples or Pompei.

This itinerary is thought as a Spring travel idea. If you can choose when to visit the Amalfi Coast you should go from April to June. This is the time when spring explodes in a profusion of smells and colors and the sun is warm enough to enjoy the sea.

In July and August the Amalfi Coast is very crowded and the weather is very hot. May is the best month for a trip to the Amalfi Coast: perfect temperatures, bright colors and it isn’t too crowded.

Amalfi Coast Towns:

  • Positano
  • Vietri
  • Sorrento
  • Amalfi
  • Praiano

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Top 7 beautiful Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy: not only wine

lake garda italy bardolino verona

Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy: not only wine. Bardolino Lake Garda is a very nice italian town. Lake Garda is in the northern Italy.

Bardolino Lake Garda is famous for wine but not only. Bardolino has a beautiful lakeside promenade as well as a very characteristic center. This and much more make the days spent in Bardolino very pleasant.

In this post we also insert a collection of videos from Bardolino Lake Garda

Top 7 things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda?

Here are the most beautiful things to see in Bardolino Lake Garda. The top 7 things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda:

  1. The barrel symbol of Bardolino on the lakefront
  2. The lakefront
  3. The historical center
  4. The beach
  5. Sunset
  6. The Ferris wheel
  7. The surroundings

1. The barrel symbol of Bardolino on the lakefront

The barrel is a beautiful attraction for all visitors to Bardolino. You can find it on the lakefront not far from the Bardolino ferris wheel. You can go inside the barrel and take a nice souvenir photo.

What makes the picture in the barrel particularly beautiful is in addition to its shape and the inscription of the place, the fact that the opening is made in the shape of a heart. In this way you can be immortalized inside the barrel in the shape of a heart with Lake Garda as a background.

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For a nice photo, it’s best to have your photo taken in the morning. The big problem with where this barrel has been placed is that it has the light behind for most of the day making it difficult to get a perfect shot.

2. Lakefront Bardolino Lake Garda

We offer you a virtual walk along the lakefront in Bardolino Gardasee in the summer. We see the lakefront and the most characteristic places of this town on Lake Garda.

As you can see, the lakeside promenade is very well cared for thanks to the wooden planks placed along the path and the colorful flowers.

View of Bardolino Lake Garda

From the barrel of Bardolino we followed the lakefront and now we are slightly outside the center of this locality. From here you can clearly see the profile of this city and the pleasant comings and goings of tourist boats.

The following video from the “Tripilare Moments” series shows you a beautiful view of Bardolino and its marina. We also observe the boat that sails on the lake and arrives at its destination.

Of course, boat that comes and boat that goes;). Here in the following video (Bardolino Gardasee 2020 Bardolino Lago di Garda boat) the departure of the boat.


Here in Bardolino, we admire a beautiful sunset over the lake with the fountain takes water directly from Lake Garda and adds beauty to this scenery.

We are in the spring of 2021, and here in Bardolino, we no longer see the Ferris wheel that characterized this magnificent location on Lake Garda in recent seasons. On the other hand, we have this fountain directly on the lake. Watch the following video!

3. The historic center of Bardolino

The historic center is very interesting to explore for various reasons. The center of Bardolino is full of shops, restaurants, historic buildings and also has surprisingly unique corners.

4. Bardolino beach

Bardolino is a fairly privileged location on Lake Garda as it has a beautiful beach. Furthermore, the beach is slightly moved from the center but easily reachable on foot.

In fact we keep our direction walking along the lakefront of Bardolino and in a few minutes we arrive at the beach.

5. Sunset in Bardolino Lake Garda

Watching the sunset in Bardolino is definitely one of the things to do before dinner. Relaxing on a bench watching the sun go down and then admire the colors of the horizon is very beautiful.

Watch the following video with accelerated speed shooting “Sonnenuntergang Bardolino Gardasee 2020 Lago di Garda Bardolino”.

Returning to the center we also have the opportunity to admire the arrival of the boat with the background of the sky colored by the sunset.

6. Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel quickly became a Bardolino must. It is particularly beautiful and fascinating in the evening when it lights up with 100 colors.

Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy
Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy Ferris wheel

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Monastiraki Athens: history, food and shopping

Monastiraki Athens: history, food and shopping 4

Monastiraki is one of the most characteristics areas in Athens. Athens is an European city but for more than one aspect it doesn’t look as all the other european cities. The first time you visit Monastiraki you may wonder if you are in the right country or maybe you are in north africa or in a medioriental city.

Ermou road is the main road in Monastiraki where you can also go by car. It gets you very confused: you can find very old and abandoned houses next to trendy and crowded restaurants.

Monastiraki Athens

Monastiraki square Athens

But this is only one side of Monastiraki. Going straight you arrive in Monastiraki square where you have a suggestive view of the acropolis. Furthermore the square demostrates that Athens is an european city but with a strong turky influence.

Monastiraki Athens: history, food and shopping 5

From this square you have a lot of opportunities: you can easily reach the best historical attractions on foot, you can get one of the touristic buses in order to go to the best Athens destinations and last but not least there is the station where you can get the train for the airport.

Monastiraki Athens: history, food and shopping 6

Exploring the area

If you decide to explore better the area from the square, you can go in the parallel streets of Erou road: Ifestou street and Adrianou street. These 2 streets are like 2 different worlds. Ifestou street is like a Turkish souk market, instead Adrianou street is very different. It’s full of very cute greek restaurants on one side and on the other side, after the train tracks, you have the old Athens Agorà ruins and a beautiful view of the acropolis.

Monastiraki Athens: history, food and shopping 7

To be more accurate we should say that Adrianou street was built on one part of the ancient agora of Athens. Infact the big part of the ancient Athens Agora is fenced and visitable as an historical site but an undiscovered area is still under the modern city.

This is evident by the new archeological site you see by the road, by the ruins you can see in the station and by the ruins you can see in the basements af some restaurants.

Monastiraki: food and relax

After a full day visiting museums and archeological sites Monastiraki is a restouring base point. Here you can feel the greek atmosfere, listen to typical music and maybe more importantly, to taste very good food.

Good news: greek food portions are very abundant for all the hungry ones!

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre?

Walt Disney Studios Paris

Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris?

The entrance is very nice because it makes you feel to be in a Michey Mouse Hollywood. You can also take a picture with your favourite character.

To enter in the main area you pass through a covered area where there are shops and restaurants. It’s colorful and there are many nice details to look at.

Walt Disney Studios: video

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: The park

When you enter in the park you find Walt Disney with Michey Mouse who give you the welcome.

How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris

At a first look the park is nice but soon after you can understand that Walt Disney Studios is opened but a part of it is being refurnished. That could be a problem because the park isn’t very big and furthermore some attractions are closed for the new project.

I’m sure in the future the park will be much better than before but in the meantime the park doesn’t have enough attractions. In addition to this it hasn’t a final show.

Anyway don’t worry because it still has some good attractions and you’ll enjoy spending your time in this park.

There are also a few nice areas to see such as Toy Story Land that is very colorful.

The Best Attractions

I want to start to speak of the best attractions by “Ratatouille: The Adventure”. This is very nice and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You’ll live the Ratatouille adventure by the point of view of one of the little mouses. It’s a new 4D experience!

Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre? 21

You should’t have problems of long lines because Ratatouille has also the single rider option and this makes your entrance faster.

Crush’s Coaster is also nice but it’s often crowded and you can’t use fastpasses to have access to this attraction.

Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre? 22

Then there is an attraction you can also find in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando: the Hollywood Tower.

The shows

In Walt Disney Studios Paris there are 2 theaters where they do some good shows. The shows change according to the season and to the theme festival of the period. Some shows are really worthy to be seen.

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