Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore

Stresa is a very gorgeous town but it’s what there is around that makes it more special.

That’s why you should go on the top of the montain called Mottarone. It’s very easy to get here because you can come by car or cableway.

If you don’t have the car and you arrive in Stresa by train you can walk and arrive to Stresa Carciano. It takes only 10 minutes from the train station.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 1

From this place you can also have a beautiful view of 2 of the Borromean Islands: the Beautiful Island and Fisherman’s Island.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 2

The cost of the cableway is 20 Euro roundtrip (in August 2019).

Why is Mottarone worthy of your visit

There are more reasons why you should visit Mottarone: a beautiful view, good food, a lot of fun and nature.

Mottarone Stresa: a beautiful view

Mottarone is unique! From the top of Mottarone you can have an amazing view of 7 lakes:

  1. Lake Maggiore
  2. Lake Orta
  3. Lake Mergozzo
  4. Lake Varese
  5. Lake Monate
  6. Lake Camabbio
  7. Lake Biandronno

And then you can see the Alps all around you.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 5

Mottarone Stresa: good food

In this area there are many restaurants and you can have very good italian fresh food.

They are abundant and filling. Prevalently they have dishes of meat and main courses typically from the mountains.

Mottarone Stresa: a lot of fun

On the top of this montain there is Alpyland. Alpyland is a rollercoaster and you can have a lot of fun and an amazing view in the meantime. For more information read the article: Alpyland Mottarone rollercoaster

Mottarone Stresa: nature

If you’d like to walk there are many footpaths in this area. Furthermore you may meet special residents of this montain: donkeys.

Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 7
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