Mononaftis beach Agia Pelagia Crete Greece

crete greece mononaftis beach ag

crete greece mononaftis beach ag

Mononaftis beach Agia Pelagia Crete Greece – Mononaftis beach is a pearl among the beaches of Agia Pelagia. Agia Pelagia is often chosen for its location not too far from Heraklion, for the comforts it offers and for the rather transparent sea waters.

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Mononaftis beach, in particular, is a small world where activities and people repeat themselves from day to day in a pleasant routine: after some time, you get familiar and feel almost at home.

One of the best features of Mononaftis beach, in addition to the clear water, is what lies beneath the surface of the sea: here it is very nice and fun to snorkel. In fact, here in the waters of Mononaftis, you will find different varieties of fish.

The only small negative note of this beach is that the descent into the water is a bit difficult due to the pebble beach and the dangerously slippery rocks in the water.

However, this problem is easily overcome by using opposite water shoes and a bit of experience. In fact, there are some points where it is easier to enter the sea: once these “special corridors” have been discovered, everything is simpler.

If you haven’t brought your shoes to use in the water with you from home, it’s not a problem: on the beach, you will find some shops where you can buy what you need.

Mononaftis beach is a small world, but easily accessible as you can arrive by car directly near the beach. In addition, the beach of Mononaftis is surrounded by different types of resorts.

Precisely in this regard, we insert the following video where you can see the Mononaftis beach from the Sea Side Resort at various times of the day. In front of us, besides the beach, we have another resort, the Peninsula Resort & Spa.

Crete Greece Mononaftis beach Agia Pelagia Day VS Evening VS Night. View from the Sea Side Resort & SPA

Here at Mononaftis beach, there are several paid services that you can use. First of all, we mention the rental of deck chairs and umbrellas. The rental cost in 2022 is 7 euros for two sunbeds and one umbrella in the first row and 10 for the following rows.

The higher cost of the rows starting from the second and going backward is justified by the newer and more comfortable deckchairs compared to those of the first row. As is customary here in Crete, you just need to position yourself on the chosen deckchairs and around 11 am, the attendant comes to request payment. It is possible to pay with cash, credit card, or smartphone.

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