Top 10 Lake Maggiore Verbania what to do?

verbania italy lake maggiore scaled

verbania italy lake maggiore scaled

Lake Maggiore Verbania what to do? Verbania is a beautiful city on Lake Maggiore. There are really a lot of things to do and visit here. If you have only a few days there are 5 things you can easily visit and they are:

  1. Pallanza Lakefront and Villa Giulia
  2. Isola Madre or Mother Island
  3. Villa Taranto’s Gardens
  4. Suna beach
  5. The center of Intra

For a better visit to Verbania and the nearby there are 10 things you should visit:

  1. Pallanza Lakefront and Villa Giulia
  2. Isola Madre or Mother Island
  3. Villa Taranto’s Gardens
  4. Suna beach
  5. The center of Intra
  6. The Fisherman Island and the beautiful Island
  7. Laveno and the Sasso del Ferro
  8. Stresa
  9. Hermitage of Santa Caterina
  10. Mottarone

Lake Maggiore Verbania what to do

1. Pallanza Lakefront

Walking along the lakefront of Pallanza is really pleasant. You can enjoy a wonderful panorama and get up to Suna.

Verbania Pallanza Photo Gallery

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In the following series of videos, I take you on a virtual walk along the Verbania lakefront From Pallanza to Suna.

Video 1 Verbania Pallanza

Hello everyone! We are in Pallanza Verbania on Lake Maggiore. In front of us, we see Villa Giulia. Villa Giulia was built in 1847 by Bernardino Branca, the inventor of Fernet. It was his son who dedicated the villa to his wife Giulia. This is why it is called Villa Giulia.

In front of us is the Milano restaurant and behind the bell tower of the church of San Leonardo. The statue placed on the column of the port acts as a hydrometer and shows the levels of the historic floods of Lake Maggiore.

Here is the stump of the great centuries-old tree to which many Pallanzesi was particularly fond of, felled by the storm that occurred precisely on the date shown on the plate. The small island that is only a few tens of meters from the shore of Pallanza is the Isolino di San Giovanni. The islet of San Giovanni is not as famous as the other Borromean Islands but it always has its charm.

The history of the Isolino di San Giovanni is linked to the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini, who chose it as a place to stay in peace, in the company only of a close circle of friends. We continue our walk admiring the beautiful flowering trees and the romantic panorama of Lake Maggiore.

In Pallanza Lago Maggiore there is still a lot to see… our walk continues in the next video!

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Villa Giulia Pallanza

The name of Villa Giulia was given by the old owner Giuseppe Branca (the producer of the famous Amaro Fernet Branca) in honor of his wife Giulia in 1880. After several changes of ownership, the Villa Giulia is now owned by the Municipality of Verbania which, in addition to its park is open to the public and uses it to organize exhibitions and shows.

In the park, you can walk along gravel paths surrounded by majestic trees of different types and beautiful flowers of various colors. There are also benches where you can sit and admire the splendid views of the lake.

Villa Giulia overlooks the part of the lake that forms the Borromeo Gulf where there are four islands with palaces of the Borromeo family and the whole forms an unforgettable spectacle. In the garden, there is also a bar where you can sip a drink immersed in an environment reminiscent of fairy tales.

Inside the beautiful Villa Giulia, events and shows are often organized, open to the public, which are very pleasant and interesting. Yes, Villa Giulia with its garden is certainly a pearl of Verbania Pallanza and Lake Maggiore.

Verbania Pallanza Video 2

Video text:

Hello, here we are in Verbania Pallanza on Lake Maggiore. Pallanza is a pleasant and touristic place. In the summer, residents and tourists love to enjoy the lakefront by walking or enjoying something in one of the bars and restaurants.

In moments of calm like this, however, there are those who take the opportunity to enjoy Pallanza in peace. There are those who sing carefree and example. Who reserves a private body of water.

Our walk along the lakefront of Pallanza continues in another video… Follow us!

Verbania Pallanza Video 3

Lake Maggiore What to see: Verbania Pallanza lakeside. Lake Maggiore Verbania history Pallanza.

Video text:

Hello everyone! Here we are ready to continue our walk along the lakefront of Pallanza. We have just passed the landing stage and we are enjoying this splendid stretch of Lake Maggiore in tranquility. We also stop in front of the sign that tells the story of Pallanza and that gives us some interesting information about this splendid location. Let’s read together….

Our walk continues in the next video where we will reach the swimming pool overlooking the lake and the beach.

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Verbania Pallanza Video 4

After a short break in this very special corner, we can continue our walk along the Verbania lakeside. In the previous videos from Pallanza, we have now arrived in Suna.

Just below us, we are now seeing the swimming pool beach, the lake pool, and the free beach. This beach is certainly perfect in summer when it is possible to lie down to sunbathe and swim but it has its beauty in every season. It is in fact beautiful and relaxing just to sit on the steps to admire the view … and the nice friends who come to visit you.

Continuing our journey we see some very characteristic corners of the Verbania lakeside, up to the old Suna pier, where we now find a bar that is clearly called the Imbarcadero bar. Going beyond the dock bar we enter the heart of the Suna lakefront but see in the next video!

Verbania Suna Video 5

The video is in Italian but you can enable the subtitles in your favorite language.

2. Isola Madre or Mother Island

Isola Madre, already owned by the Borromeo family from around 1500, is now worth a visit, especially for its garden. Today that of Isola Madre is a unique botanical garden for rare plant essences from all over the world.

In spring-summer, you can appreciate the beauty of the gardens of Isola Madre already from the boat. The vegetation that covers it is always something beautiful to admire.

It is important to know that access to Isola Madre is only possible with the purchase of the ticket. In fact, when you get off the boat you will immediately find the entrance gate.

This is in fact a substantial difference compared to other Borromean Islands such as Isola Bella, in which there is the palace and gardens to be visited with an entrance ticket but also a free area with stalls, bars, and restaurants.

Isola Madre Image Gallery

Lake Maggiore Verbania what to do: visit the Mother Island

3. Gardens of Villa Taranto

The Gardens of Villa Taranto are famous all over the world for their beauty. In 2016 they were declared the most beautiful gardens in the world even beating the gardens of Versailles.

4. Suna beach

Suna Beach is a great place to relax in the spring and sunbathe in the summer.

Image Gallery Suna Beach

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Shorts Suna Beach

5. Center of Intra

Intra includes the most commercial part of Verbania. The center of Intra is full of shops and a great place to shop.

6. The Fisherman Island and the beautiful Island

7. Laveno and the Sasso del Ferro Cable car

The Laveno cable car or better known as the cable car for the shape of its cabins is a beautiful panoramic cable car that takes you comfortably to the Sasso del Ferro. The Sasso del Ferro is the mountain that lies just behind Laveno. The Sasso del Ferro enjoys a privileged position as it is a beautiful observation point of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding area.

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8. Stresa

Stresa Italy – Stresa is a gorgeous town on Lake Maggiore. It has beautiful gardens, luxury hotels and a beautiful view of the Borromean Islands.

Stresa can be a good place to relax drinking your cocktail and enjoying the lake view but in Stresa and in nearby, there is also a lot to visit. Let’s see together the Top 5 places you should visit. See also Stresa Italy Lake Maggiore Top 5 things to do

9. Hermitage of Santa Caterina

A very characteristic place of Lake Maggiore is the Hermitage of Santa Caterina. This Hermitage which seems to be set in the rock is located not far from Laveno. To visit the hermitage it is only necessary to pay the cost of the boat because the entrance is usually included in the boat ticket.

Even from Verbania Pallanza, it is possible to reach the Hermitage by boat. From Pallanza take the boat, get off at Stresa and with the same ticket purchased in Pallanza take the boat to the Hermitage. Since you have to change the boat in Stresa, this is an excellent opportunity to take a walk along the lakeside of this luxuriant location. In fact, when you arrive in Stresa from Pallanza you are not obliged to take the next boat to the Hermitage.

If you go in the afternoon, however, I advise you to carefully consider the timetables as there are fewer boats.

Taking the boat to the Eremo da Pallanza, for about 12-13 euros per person, take a beautiful panoramic tour of Lake Maggiore. Steps for Isola Madre, for Baveno, see Isola Pescatori, Isola Bella and Stresa from the lake.

10. Mottarone

Mount Mottarone is unique! From the top of Mottarone you can have an amazing view of 7 lakes:

  1. Lake Maggiore
  2. Lake Orta
  3. Lake Mergozzo
  4. Lake Varese
  5. Lake Monate
  6. Lake Camabbio
  7. Lake Biandronno

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