Lake Maggiore Cannero Riviera Italy

Lake Maggiore Cannero Riviera Italy – Cannero Riviera is a splendid Lake Maggiore town and is known first of all for two things: for its beautiful lakefront and its wide beach.

I can say that, unlike other locations on Lake Maggiore, Cannero Riviera has a double personality. Very lively and lively in the summer but extremely quiet in the winter. In fact, Cannero Riviera empties in winter. Watch the following videos to better understand what I mean.

Cannero Riviera video on a summer evening

Cannero Riviera in summer is a lively resort on Lake Maggiore.

Lake Maggiore Cannero Riviera Italy

This is a beautiful walking tour in Cannero Riviera Italy. It’s December, the town is empty, it’s only for us and we can enjoy all its beauty fully. This video starts at the Cannero beach and we walk all along the lakeside.

Cannero Riviera Italy

Then we explore the historic town center with its so characteristic streets. The video ends while we are on the boat for Cannobio. Thanks to this boat tour we enjoy the lake coast view and can see the Castles of Cannero. If you want to see all these other adventures, watch the following videos.

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Itinerary from Cannero Riviera

After visiting Cannero Riviera, you can explore the nearby towns and places of interest. The best way to do it is by boat because you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Maggiore more fully.

Castles of Cannero

We had a nice winter walk in Cannero Riviera and planned to visit Cannobio. We could have been gone there by car because it takes only about 10 minutes but there is another option: the boat.

From the Imbarcadero of Cannero Riviera, you can take the boat for Cannobio. It’s true that you spend more in this way but you also have beautiful views. From Cannero Riviera to Cannobio the boat went directly passing very close to the Castles of Cannero. Between the Lake Maggiore coast and the Castles of Cannero.

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Instead, on the way back, the boat from Cannobio went first to Luino, on the other side of the lake, to go back then to Cannero Riviera. In this way, we admired better this part of Lake Maggiore and see the Castles of Cannero from another viewpoint.

Watch the following video!

Castles of Cannero Lake Maggiore Italy from the boat in winter

Text of the Video

Hi Everybody! We are on the Lake Maggiore. In this video, we see the Castles of Cannero from the boat. We see them first from the boat while sailing from Cannero Riviera to Cannobio.

These 2 villages are on the same side of Lake Maggiore, and therefore navigation is enjoyable as it allows us to admire this beautiful coast from the boat. We also pass very close to the Castles of Cannero and fully grasp their charm.

Now we are on the boat that goes from Luino to Cannero Riviera. Luino is on the opposite shore of Lake Maggiore from Cannero Riviera. This allows us to cross the entire lake going from one bank to another.

The crossing gives us a further away view of the Castles of Cannero, but it gives us beautiful images of this part of Lake Maggiore. We are very close to the border with Switzerland; in fact, Lake Maggiore also goes beyond the Swiss border.

We have now come to the end of this video. I greet you and see you in the following video! Like and subscribe. Bye!


In the preceding videos, we were on the boat at Lake Maggiore. We passed close to the Castles of Cannero and admired the beauty of Lake Maggiore. If you watched our videos, you know that our destination was Cannobio. In this video, we finally get to Cannobio during our recent adventure at Lake Maggiore at the beginning of December.

The weather was beautiful with sunshine. That’s true that on the boat, I got frozen to record this video, but in Cannero Riviera we had just had a relaxing walk on a pretty warm day of December. Of course, it was not hot because we are in December, but it was pleasing.

So we decided to have lunch in the main Cannobio square, which is in front of the lake. We really enjoyed the sun and so we said: let’s have lunch outside. The only problem was that the restaurant took a lot of time to bring us our food.

What is the problem? In Cannero, the sun goes down in the early afternoon, especially because the mountain is very close to the town and the mountains hide the sun gradually. The result? At 2 pm, the restaurant was all in the shade and soon after all the other part of the square. After a while, we were all frozen, also those more living of the cold (not me). We really enjoyed our time spent at Cannobio and we would like to go back also tomorrow. Still, if you can go to Cannobio in the morning, you have more time to eat outside when it’s sunny, also when the people in the restaurant take more time to bring you your order!.

Lake Maggiore Italy things to do: visit Cannobio!

Because without the sun it was cold, soon after lunch (after all it was 3 pm), we took the boat to come back to Cannero Riviera. Before getting to Cannero Riviera, the boat brought us to the other side of Lake Maggiore and stopped at Luino. It was sunny on the other side of the lake because the sun could still reach the town. From Luino to Cannero Riviera, I could enjoy the lake view, the Castles of Cannero, and a romantic sunset! You can see the pictures here in the following gallery.

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Video Text

Hi Everybody! We are in Cannobio Lake Maggiore. We now see the beautiful panoramic navigation by boat to get to Cannobio and the beauty of Cannobbio from the boat. See you in the following video! Bye!

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10. Luino Italy

Luino Lake Maggiore in winter seen from the boat:

Lake Maggiore Italy Luino from the boat

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