How do you get 1 Disneyland Paris Fastpass? Is it free?

If you are used to use the Disneyworld fastpass you’ll notice there is a big difference with Disneyland Paris Fastpass. Anyway they are essential to visit Disneyland Paris especially when the park is too crowded.

In Disneyworld your ticket allows you to book in advance your 3 fastpass per day using the app. Also in Disneyland Paris your ticket includes freely the fastpass, but you can’t book them in advance.

Futhermore Disneyland Paris fastpass cannot be booked on all the attractions. The list of attractions found at the park entrance indicates whether a fast pass can be booked for a specific attraction.


How do you get a Disneyland Paris Fastpass?

When you are in the park and you want a fastpass you have to go to the ride you want to do and scan your ticket to the fastpass machine. This machine gives you back the fastpass ticket with the assigned time. The time on the ticket has a range of half an hour.

To sum up:

  1. Go to the attraction
  2. Scan your Disneyland Paris ticket on the fastpass machine
  3. The fastpass machine prints your fastpass ticket
  4. Come back to the attraction at the assigned time

Can I choose the time of my fastpass?

No, you can’t because the machine assign you the first time available.

disneyland paris fastpass

Can I book all Fastpass that I want?

Yes, you can but pay attention! You can book only one fastpass at a time and before to take the next one you have to complete your reserved ride.

It is therefore useful to make your own considerations. If I want a fastpass for an attraction but the first time available is 6 p.m. I should consider that I can’t take other fastpasses till that time. Is it maybe better to choose another fastpass before that one?

Are Disneyland Paris Fastpass always available?

No because they are only available till they don’t finish the available times. That means they can finish fastly when the park is too crowded. In August many attractions had run out of fastpasses already in the moorning.

My advice is to take your first fastpass as soon as you enter in the park or maybe soon after your first ride.

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