TOP 5 Famous Faraglioni Capri Rocks in Water

The Famous Faraglioni Capri Rocks in Water scaled

The Famous Faraglioni Capri Rocks in Water scaled

The Amazing Faraglioni Capri Rocks in Water – The Faraglioni are the famous Capri Rocks in Water and are one of the most popular attractions on the island. When you arrive on the island this fact is absolutely not surprising because the Faraglioni Capri is a true natural beauty to be admired from 1000 angles.

So what are the best points or ways to see the Faraglioni of Capri? Here is our list of the best spots to see them from!

  1. From the boat also passing under the Faraglioni Capri
  2. From the Belvedere Tragara
  3. From the Via del Pizzolungo
  4. From Monte Solaro
  5. From the Gardens of Augustus

1. The Faraglioni Capri from the sea

There is nothing more impressive in Capri than the magnificent Faraglioni. The Faraglioni in Capri are a real attraction. You can admire them from different viewpoints such as the Belvedere di Tragara, from the gardens of Augustus, or from Monte Solaro but the best way to admire them in their majesty is directly from the sea.

Arriving by boat in front of the Faraglioni remains the best and most exciting way to admire them. Even more exciting is to pass under the natural arch of the central Faraglione.

A tradition linked to the passage under the Faraglioni says that anyone kissing under the Faraglioni will remain together forever!

2. Faraglioni Capri from the Belvedere Tragara

The Amalfi Coast is a special place but even more special is the island of Capri. The Island of Capri has several attractions. The Faraglioni of Capri are certainly one of the main attractions of the island. How to see them without boating? No problem! There are several panoramic points from which to see the Faraglioni.

Right on the side of the Faraglioni, there is a beautiful panoramic terrace: the Belvedere Tragara. From Belvedere Tragara you can admire the sea and the fantastic and very famous Faraglioni of Capri, even if in my opinion the angle is not the best. Either way, it is absolutely a must-see in Capri.

How to get to Belvedere Tragara?

The Belvedere Tragara is only about fifteen minutes walk from the Piazzetta of Capri and to get here you walk through the streets of the center where there are the shops of the big names in haute couture.

From the Piazzetta di Capri, you have to head towards the main street, that is Via Vittoria Emanuele, and follow it until you reach the square you see in the following photo.

Once you get to this square you have to turn left. As you can see, on the wall there are tiles on which it is indicated what can be reached by following that particular direction. In fact, if we go into the small street on the right we arrive at the Gardens of Augustus, if we go to the left and follow the signs instead we can reach the Belvedere Tragara.

Turning left you will pass along the famous street where there are the shops of the big names in high fashion or Via Camerelle.

At the end of the street, you will find the indication for the Belvedere Tragara and the Faraglioni Capri. Pay attention because otherwise, you are on a street that only leads to houses and from there you cannot reach the Belvedere Tragara. In any case, to reach the Belvedere Tragara you have to turn left into Via Tragara.

At this point just follow the road to see the beautiful show of the Faraglioni!

3. Faraglioni Capri from Via del Pizzolungo

Belvedere Tragara is also the starting point of a spectacular walk that leads to other panoramic points. In the Piazzale del Belvedere Tragara you will find the sign, containing the map of the area, which you can see in the following image.

From this sign, we can go down the stairs or follow the descent that is to the right of the Belvedere Tragara and follow Via del Pizzolungo.

To do this route we advise you to wear comfortable shoes because some points are well paved but others are more like a path! In the following video, you can see part of this path.

Faraglioni Capri from Via del Pizzolungo

The walk you have to do to get to Pizzolungo is certainly rewarded by the beautiful panorama. From Via del Pizzolungo you can see the magnificent Faraglioni of Capri and the bathing establishment “Luigi ai Faraglioni Capri” from above.

In the following video, you can see the panorama from Pizzolungo at sunset. Watch the video!

4. View of the Faraglioni from Monte Solaro

We are at the top of Monte Solare Anacapri. We went up to Monte Solaro in Anacapri by chairlift. During this ascent, we have already had the pleasure of enjoying the view from the top of Capri but what we see when we reach the top of Monte Solaro is something unique: a wonderful view of the Faraglioni of Capri.

5. The Faraglioni of Capri from the Gardens of Augustus

Last but not least is the view of the Faraglioni of Capri from the Gardens of Augustus. In the following videos, you can see the Faraglioni from the Gardens of Augustus and other videos also shot at the Gardens of Augustus.

How to get to the Gardens of Augustus?

From the Piazzetta di Capri head towards the main street of the center or Via Vittorio Emanuele, go all the way and at a certain point, you will find yourself in another square as you can see in the following image.

Arriving here, take the road in front of you on the right which leads to the Gardens of Augustus. On the wall, there are also tiles that show you the right direction to follow.

This route is very pleasant for 2 reasons. In fact, on the road, you will find a beautiful perfumery characteristic of the place with colorful flowers in front of it and also absolutely do not miss the kiosk where you can get a fantastic lemon or fig granita! Even the granita alone is worth the journey.

How to access the Gardens of Augustus?

To access the gardens of Augustus you must buy the ticket online. In the following image, you find the bar code that brings you to the ticket page.

What can you see from the Gardens of Augustus?

From the Gardens of Augustus, you can see on one side as we have said Faraglioni di Capri and on the other the famous Via Krupp. In the following video, you can see Via Krupp, learn about its history and then in the final part you can also see the Faraglioni.

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