1 Amazing Disneyland Paris Castle Sleeping Beauty

disneyland paris castle Sleeping Beauty

Disneyland Paris Castle. The Sleeping Beauty Castle, the dragon under the castle, the inside of the castle and the final show.

Disneyland Paris Castle

It’s the central icon of Disneyland Paris and it’s the place where dreams come true.

Don’t miss to see the drago under the castle. Under the castle there is “La Tanière du Dragon” where a monstrous prisoner lurks. Once the ruler of the skies, this defeated dragon lies chained against jagged rocks. It may be dozing, but tread carefully, as one false move will lead to a hot, rumbling surprise;).


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disneyland paris castle Sleeping Beauty show

Disneyland Paris Castle Shows

Watch the following video of some of the shows at Disneyland Paris Castle!

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Disneyland Paris Rides: What are the 7 most popular rides?

Disneyland Paris Rides

In this post we are going to see to best Disneyland Paris Rides. What are the most popular rides? Watch the videos below!

Disneyland Paris adrenaline rides

Disneyland Paris Rides: Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is a very beautiful roller coaster ride and it’s similar to the one in Disneyworld however its setting has been carefully designed and adapted. So you can have a lot of fun and enjoy the setting.

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

This roller coaster has more adrenaline than Big Thunder Mountain so it’s not suitable for everyone.

Although it’s a roller coaster and not a scene ride through the waiting line they’ve created a perfect setting in Indiana Jones style. So in that way you are ready for the adventure!

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes

Hyperspace Mountain

It’s very similar to Space Montain in Disneywold but when you enter you are projected into a world of Star Wars. During the ride you will see big screen that simulate the space battle.

Surely it’s a good idea that enriches the classical version of Disney Space Mountain however it should be updated or revised according to the newer technology.

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes
Single Riders: Yes

Disneyland Paris Rides: adventure

Disneyland Paris Rides: Star Tours

Star Wars is suitable and fun for everyone. You will enter the space craft for intergalactical ride and will be accompanied by C-3PO. With a pilot like that surely something will go unexpected.

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes

Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride is suitable for everyone. On a boat you explore the adventurous world of the pirrates and the famous Jack Sparrow. Well done indeed!

Disneyland Paris Rides: What are the 7 most popular rides? 1

Peter Pan’s Flight

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes

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How do you get 1 Disneyland Paris Fastpass? Is it free?

disneyland paris fastpass

If you are used to use the Disneyworld fastpass you’ll notice there is a big difference with Disneyland Paris Fastpass. Anyway they are essential to visit Disneyland Paris especially when the park is too crowded.

In Disneyworld your ticket allows you to book in advance your 3 fastpass per day using the app. Also in Disneyland Paris your ticket includes freely the fastpass, but you can’t book them in advance.

Futhermore Disneyland Paris fastpass cannot be booked on all the attractions. The list of attractions found at the park entrance indicates whether a fast pass can be booked for a specific attraction.

How do you get a Disneyland Paris Fastpass?

When you are in the park and you want a fastpass you have to go to the ride you want to do and scan your ticket to the fastpass machine. This machine gives you back the fastpass ticket with the assigned time. The time on the ticket has a range of half an hour.

To sum up:

  1. Go to the attraction
  2. Scan your Disneyland Paris ticket on the fastpass machine
  3. The fastpass machine prints your fastpass ticket
  4. Come back to the attraction at the assigned time

Can I choose the time of my fastpass?

No, you can’t because the machine assign you the first time available.

disneyland paris fastpass

Can I book all Fastpass that I want?

Yes, you can but pay attention! You can book only one fastpass at a time and before to take the next one you have to complete your reserved ride.

It is therefore useful to make your own considerations. If I want a fastpass for an attraction but the first time available is 6 p.m. I should consider that I can’t take other fastpasses till that time. Is it maybe better to choose another fastpass before that one?

Are Disneyland Paris Fastpass always available?

No because they are only available till they don’t finish the available times. That means they can finish fastly when the park is too crowded. In August many attractions had run out of fastpasses already in the moorning.

My advice is to take your first fastpass as soon as you enter in the park or maybe soon after your first ride.

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Star Tours Disneyland Paris

Star Tours Disneyland Paris

Star Tours Disneyland Paris. The tour starts as soon as you enter in the attraction. The star wars characters are well rapresented and they speak french and english.

Watch the following video!

What I like of Star Tours is that it isn’t always the same: there are different virtual tours.

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Disneyland Paris luggage storage. Very useful!


Disneyland Paris luggage storage – Especially on our last day in Disneyland Paris when we check out of the hotel we have the problem of where leaving our luggage. That’s why we may wonder: Where can I leave luggage at Disneyland Paris? Is there luggage storage in Disneyland Paris? Is it only for those in the Disneyland Hotels or is it for every customer?

Where can I leave luggage at Disneyland Paris?

Good news! In Disneyland Paris, there is Luggage storage. It can be used both by the Disneyland Hotels customers and by all the other customers. So in this way you shouldn’t worry if your bag doesn’t fit in the lockers.


Disney Luggage

Do you need to book the luggage storage?

No, you don’t. You can go directly to the luggage storage when you need it.

Where is it?

The luggage storage at Disneyland Paris is on the right next to the Disneyland park entrance. You can watch the video below to know where it is. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Subscribe here!

What you should do is pass through the park’s security control. Also, your luggage can come with you without any problems. The most important thing is you don’t carry any knives or alike not allowed in the parks.

After that, you must head towards the entrance to Disneyland but do not enter.


When you arrive in the square and you see the main Hotel turn right. You’ll pass next to the park entrance. Go straight and you’ll see the Guest Storage.

What are the prices of the Disneyland Paris luggage storage?

It depends on the size of your bags. In the following picture, you can see the prices. It’s updated to August 2019.

Disneyland Paris luggage storage prices

Small bag: 6 euro
Medium bag: 8 euro
Big Bag: 10 euro
Accessories: 2 euro

What are the opening and closing times?

The luggage storage at Disneyland Paris opens before Disneyland park and closes after the park.

For instance, in August 2019 the Disneyland park opened at 10 am and closed at 11 pm. The luggage storage at 9.30 a.m. was already opened and it closed at 11.45 p.m.

Very useful that you can collect your bag at any time. You don’t need to communicate in advance the time.

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