TOP Common Italian Phrases for traveling

TOP Common Italian Phrases. Does your Italian itinerary include small cities and suburbs? It’s better you learn a few Italian words!

TOP Common Italian Phrases for traveling

Common Italian Phrases

At the restaurant

Excuse me, where is the restroom?Mi scusi, dov’è il bagno?
Can we order?Possiamo ordinare?
I am allergic to … Sono allergico a …
The bill, please!Il conto per favore!

How to say in Italian Are you hungry?

How to say in Italian: What are you going to order?

How to say wine in Italian?

How to say in Italian do you like your pizza?


On the street

Excuse me, where is…Mi scusi, dov’è
Turn on the rightGira a destra
Turn on the leftGira a sinistra
Go straightVai dritto
Do you speak english?Parla inglese?
I speak a little italianParlo poco italiano

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