Top 10 Civita di Bagnoregio Italy dying city: why?

Civita di Bagnoregio Italy dying city – Bonaventura Tecchi describes her like this: And she remained like this for a moment, happy and thoughtful, against that flashing background of white writings and fearful abysses, as if the beauty of a woman’s face that descends into a man’s heart is truly one of the things harder to die in this short, fleeting life.

Visiting Bagnoregio is certainly one of the most exciting experiences that can be done in this area. The beauty of its Civita, known as “the dying city”, makes this small town in the Viterbo area a popular destination for national and international tourism.

Our day in Civita di Bagnoregio Italy

Civita di Bagnoregio is a unique small town in the center of Italy. Thanks to the Japanese cartoon Laputa inspired by this town, I think it’s more known abroad than Italian people. We spent an enjoyable day here: the city view is impressive, you do fitness going up the bridge, you can discover the town, enjoy the good food and much more. Waiting for the time you’ll have the chance to visit Civita di Bagnoregio in person you can enjoy the following video.

Civita di Bagnoregio Italy: the dying city. Why?

Here we are in Civita di Bagnoregio Italy, this splendid town stands alone on the hill. Civita di Bagnoregio is often called the dying city: why?

To reach Civita di Bagnoregio, you have to cross an extraordinary long bridge. An entrance ticket is required for access to the bridge. The sign here shows the ticket price of 5 euros. However, we slept here in Civita and the B&B had an agreement, so it allowed us free access to the bridge.

The car park is located a few hundred meters behind us. Also, in this case, staying one night in Civita gives benefits as in the car park there is an area reserved for B & Bs with a special parking rate.

Civita di Bagnoregio is often called the dying city: why? The name comes from the continuous process of erosion of the hill and the surrounding valley which threatens to make the hamlet disappear.

Precisely because of this continuous erosion, it was necessary to rebuild the bridge several times at least in part from the medieval period to today.

Think that since 1854 there has been a lowering in the bridge area of ​​about 25 meters. Perhaps this is why in some places the climb on the bridge becomes quite steep and tiring!

We have now arrived at the original medieval part of the bridge. The rest of the bridge is currently suspended due to the numerous landslides that happened over the centuries that have modified the original path.

Here in front of us, we see the remains of the houses inhabited until the last century. The landslides of the last 150 years have entirely demolished them.

Now let’s go inside the city gates and enjoy this beautiful walk.

Civita is known for the beauty of its village, for the spectacular views to be discovered and for its excellent restaurants.

The underground caves of Etruscan origin as well as the Geological and Landslide Museum are also certainly interesting.

Civita di Bagnoregio Italy what to see

Here’s what to see in one day in Civita

  1. The statue which is located just before the Punta di Civita. At the foot of this statue the verses that gave this city its name
  2. The Civita Bridge. On the Civita bridge you can clearly distinguish the more recent construction from the remaining part of the medieval bridge.
  3. The main square
  4. The Geological and Landslide Museum
  5. The Etruscan undergrounds
  6. The view of the city and the rock from below. You can admire it from the street as soon as you pass the poet’s garden
  7. The wonderful streets of this small town
  8. Glimpses of the valley
  9. The remains of the house demolished by the landslides of the last 150 years or so.
  10. The little shops of the city

Civita di Bagnoregio Italy restaurants

La Cantina di Arianna

Beautiful and characteristic location located right in the center of the town. Excellent proposals but the two dishes that we liked the most among those we tasted are

  1. potato ravioli with broccoli, bacon and pecorino cheese
  2. the cut of sirloin with pears and pecorino

Really 2 exceptional dishes!

Osteria al Forno di Agnese

Family atmosphere and good food. Good pappardelle with wild boar, polenta and even spelled soup. Friendly and hospitable staff.

Gallery Civita di Bagnoregio Italy dying city

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