Best way to arrive in Venice

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The best way to arrive in the center of Venice is by train. You can easily arrive to Mestre train station by car or train and then go directly to Venice.

If you arrive by car you can find in the area of the station more than one car park, as you see in the map. They are cheap because last December we parked the car for two days and we spent 32 euro.

Mestre car parking Venice
Mestre car parking map

As you have noticed in the areas there is an Hertz rental car agency in case you need to return your car. You can’t use your car in Venice!

Hertz rental car agency Mestre Venice
Hertz rental car agency – Mestre Venice

After parking or returning your car you can walk to Mestre train station. When you enter you see the ticket machines. Choose the time of your train and then take your ticket.

It takes only 13 minutes to arrive in Venice.

Mestre Venice by train
Mestre Venice by train

Venice: it’s amazing! As soon as you exit from the station you really are in Venice and you can see its magical atmosphere.

Venice train station2

You’re now read for your first day in Venice! Read the article What should I do on my first day in Venice?

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