Pompeii Ruins: Amphitheater Pompeii, Villa of Mysteries …

Pompeii Ruins: Amphitheater Pompeii, Villa of Mysteries … Pompeii is the original village buried by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvio in 79 d.C.

Why Pompeii Ruins are worthy to be visited

There are several reasons why you should visit Pompeii Ruins:

  • it’s an original roman city and not rebuilt
  • many houses are well preserved
  • You can see the different areas of an ancient roman city: the forum, the arena, the main road and other areas
  • It’s unique in the world

How long does it take to get through Pompeii?

Pompeii ruins are very big. The excavations done throughout the years have brought to light a big part of the ancient city. This is the big difference between Pompeii and Herculaneum. In Herculaneum only a little part has been excavated so the visit is faster than the visit here in the Pompeii Ruins.


As you see in the following picture it takes 27 minutes to go directly and without stops from the amphitheater to the Villa of the Mysteries. This may help you to undestand how big Pompeii is but you should add the time to go through all the other important streets and go inside the buildings.

Pompeii Ruins: Amphitheater Pompeii, Villa of Mysteries
google map image – Pompeii Ruins: Amphitheater Pompeii, Villa of Mysteries

Amphitheater Pompeii

This arena has a long history and a curiosity is that it’s been used by the Pink Floyd in 1971.

Can you tour Pompeii ruins on your own without a tour

Pompeii Ruins: Villa of Mysteries

The utmost of your visit is when you arrive to Villa of the mysteries. This villa is a very good example of roman villas. It was a very luxory villa outside the walls of the city and it had the see view.

You can still see the beautiful paintings on the walls that represents scenes known at those ancient times. They represents for example Dedalus and Icarus, Theseus and the Minotaur, Theseus who abandons Arianna.

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