Italy Lake Maggiore Stresa in winter Mottarone Alpyland mountain coaster

Italy Stresa Lake Maggiore in winter mottarone alpyland mountain roller coaster ride view - Copia

Lake Maggiore Stresa in winter – A very exciting experience in Stresa Mottarone. On the top of the mountain called Mottarone we enjoy the ride on Alpyland coaster and we are amazed by the view of the Lake Maggiore below us.

Watch the video to enjoy the rollercoaster ride with us!

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Extraordinary Pompeii Bodies: How are they been preserved?

Extraordinary Pompeii Bodies: How are they been preserved? 1

Pompeii Bodies pictures – How are the bodies in Pompeii preserved? We can now see the body shapes thanks to the Fiorelli Method. Fiorelli method consists in pouring liquid plaster in the cavity left by the bodies in the solidified ash layer that has preserved its shape intact.

Are there still bodies in Pompeii?

The bodies we can see now in Pompeii are only the shape of the bodies, and not the bodies themselves. Anyway those bodies help us to understand what really happend in the last moments of their life. As a result it’s impossible not to be touched by the terrible tragedy those people experienced.

Pompeii Bodies pictures:

You can see the bodies in the Garden of Fugitives which is one of the most visited and emotional areas of the entire archeological park. It’s located in the south-eastern area of Pompeii, near Porta Nocera. You can find other bodies in the Forum Granary.

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Food to eat in Italy: What should I eat in Italy?

food to eat in italy

Eating in italian is mangiare and it’s an important part of the Italian life. There are many different types of food to eat in Italy and food can make your trip to Italy more special. You can taste different food and if you travel from north to south you can see how food becomes more abundant and more seasoned.

Anyway the main rules for the food to Eat in Italy are always almost the same. Let’s start to consider the food you can eat in Italy in the morning.

The most important letters of the alphabet for italian food are only 2: C and P.

C as Coffee and Cappuccino

P as Pasta and Pizza

Food to eat in Italy in the Morning: Breakfast

The breakfast is small and sweet. In the hotels you often find the international breakfast with ham, eggs, sausages and much more but if you want a true italian breakfast, forget about all of these things.

The real protagonists of the italian breakfast are Coffee, Cappuccino and Brioche. Let’s spend a few words for each one of them.

Coffee. When in Italy we speak about coffee we mean espresso. When the italians order an espresso they simply ask for a coffee. If you enter in a cafe and you order an espresso it means you are not an italian.

After you order a coffee they may ask you a lot of questions because there are many options. If you don’t know what to answer simply say: normale. In this way you’ll get simply a normal italian coffee.

Cappuccino. Cappuccino is milk with a little bit of coffee. The cappuccino is for the breakfast anyway you can order it in any part of day. Cappuccino has a little foam made by milk on the top. This is what makes cappuccino so delicious and different from milk and coffee. You can also add cocoa in order to make it more tasty. Cappucino can be also lactose free.

food to eat in italy cappuccino

Brioche is the solid part of the breakfast. The brioche is a Croissant that can be empty, with cocoa cream, with marmellade or cream.

In the hotel you can also find cakes, bread, marmalade and much more.

Lunch and Dinner

The main meals are lunch and dinner. In the restaurants you find the menu divided in 4 main parts:

Antipasti which are the starters that include smoked fish, the salami and the cheese.

Primi piatti where you find all the pasta they have,

Secondi piatti where you find meat and fish

and last but not least i dolci or desserts.

During important occasions or when celebrating events Italians have a complete meal with antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce. Anyway they normally order only pasta and meat or fish, alternatively antipasto (Starters) and Pasta.

So because you are in Italy you should taste all kinds of pasta. Pasta can be fresh and egg based such as tagliatelle, lasagne, tortellini and ravioli. Other kinds of pasta such as spaghetti, maccheroni, penne and rigatoni are dried instead.

food to eat in italy

Taste pasta with different sauces made with meat, fish, mushrooms or vegetables. In Emila Romagna taste the ragù alla bolognese. Did you know the word Ragù? In Italy we ask for pasta al ragù and not pasta bolognese. Then in Italy don’t ask for pasta with meatballs: it isn’t an italian food!


Cheese makes pasta with meat, mushrooms and vegetables more delicious. So at the restaurant the waiter brings you grated cheese that can be grana padano, parmigiano reggiano or pecorino. But don’t ask cheese when you have pasta with a fish sauce: it’s not used and the waiter has all the good reasons to look at you badly.

Food to eat in Italy? Pizza

When you go in a Pizzeria and they bring you a menu you may be confused by all kind of pizzas there are. Anyway you can normally also ask for a pizza with your favourite ingredients. During your trip in Italy take the occasion to taste more kinds of pizzas: the pizza is so delicious!

Food to eat in Italy

Aperitivo or Apettizer

A big trend in the last few years is the Apettizer. In many bars it starts about at 6 p.m. and it may finish at 9 p.m. You order something to drink and they bring you also something to eat.

food to eat in italy

Throughout the years the apettizer includes more food and in many bars it is called apericena. You can eat a lot and avoid dinner.

This is a good occasion to taste wine, relax and taste other delicious food.

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre?

Walt Disney Studios Paris

Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris?

The entrance is very nice because it makes you feel to be in a Michey Mouse Hollywood. You can also take a picture with your favourite character.

To enter in the main area you pass through a covered area where there are shops and restaurants. It’s colorful and there are many nice details to look at.

Walt Disney Studios: video

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Walt Disney Studios Paris: The park

When you enter in the park you find Walt Disney with Michey Mouse who give you the welcome.

How is Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris

At a first look the park is nice but soon after you can understand that Walt Disney Studios is opened but a part of it is being refurnished. That could be a problem because the park isn’t very big and furthermore some attractions are closed for the new project.

I’m sure in the future the park will be much better than before but in the meantime the park doesn’t have enough attractions. In addition to this it hasn’t a final show.

Anyway don’t worry because it still has some good attractions and you’ll enjoy spending your time in this park.

There are also a few nice areas to see such as Toy Story Land that is very colorful.

The Best Attractions

I want to start to speak of the best attractions by “Ratatouille: The Adventure”. This is very nice and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You’ll live the Ratatouille adventure by the point of view of one of the little mouses. It’s a new 4D experience!

Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre? 33

You should’t have problems of long lines because Ratatouille has also the single rider option and this makes your entrance faster.

Crush’s Coaster is also nice but it’s often crowded and you can’t use fastpasses to have access to this attraction.

Walt Disney Studios Paris: How is the park? Magical or Mediocre? 34

Then there is an attraction you can also find in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando: the Hollywood Tower.

The shows

In Walt Disney Studios Paris there are 2 theaters where they do some good shows. The shows change according to the season and to the theme festival of the period. Some shows are really worthy to be seen.

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Paris is known as the city of … The 1 irresistible city

Paris is known as the city of ... The 1 irresistible city 36

Paris is known as the city of Love. Paris is the perfect example of the romantic city. It’s celebrated in this sense by the cinema, not only by the french but from the international one too. From the romantic movies set in Paris we can take a lot of inspiration.

Paris is known as the city of Love for example for “The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie”. You can walk arm in arm in the streets of Montmartre reminding this movie.

Paris is known as the city of Love

This timeless tale has entered into the collective imagination, to such an extent, that for years the tourists have crowded the little streets of Montmartre to visit the set. A funny and poetic love story, such as Paris, fascinating, poetic and endowed with sparkling lightness.

Paris is known as the city of Love

The parisian bridges are very romantic, a kiss on the Pont-Neuf is perfect for lovers. “The lovers of Pont-Neuf” is one of the most romantic and suffered love stories of the cinema. Walking on the most ancient Paris’ bridge is definitely an experience that touches the heart.

Paris is known as the city of ... The 1 irresistible city 37

Then in Paris there is the Eiffel Tower. In more than one of the most recent movies you can see that the Eiffel Tower is the protaginist of a marriage proposal or love declaration. We can say that Paris is known as the city of love and in the people’s immagination it is really the city of Love.


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Paris Gardens

Relaxing and very romantic are also the Paris gardens. I think it’s very romantic to sit around a fountain and admire the city. Otherwise you can observe the city by the ferris wheel.

The couples in love can’t miss a walk by the Seine, as Woody Allen teach, and even better, a cruise on the boat. The cruise on the river allow you to admire the most celebrated Parisian monuments while you have dinner! Beautiful monuments and good food in a romantic atmosfere.

paris is the city of dinner

Paris is known as the city of Love. What do you think? Paris is only known as the the city of love or is it really the city of love?

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Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day

Visit Florence in a day

1 day in Florence – You’d need more than 1 day in Florence but if you don’t have a lot of time and you want to visit Florence in a day in this article you’ll find your possible day itinerary.

1 day in Florence

1 day in Florence: morning

Use the morning to walk in the city. You can start by Piazza del Duomo where there is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. From there you can go in the Piazza della Signoria.

In this square you’ll see also the David of Michelangelo but pay attention! This is only a copy. The original statue is placed in the Accademia Gallery. The Statue was removed from the square in 1872 to preserve it. If you spend only 1 day in Florence you don’t have enough time to see the original statue. Anyway be aware that this Statue is important not only because is masterpeace work of art but also for its meaning.

The David is a young man who has to fight against a giant. The David was made in fact a few years after the new republic was instituded. This young republic had to fight against giants as it could be the papacy of that time.

Another curiosity is that the David had originally to be placed on the Duomo as one of its decorative statue and not in the square.

After having enjoyed this amazing square we can continue our itinerary of 1 day in Florence.

Go through the streets and find out all the shops where you can buy very cute leather bags and clothes.

Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day 40

You can then pass through the bridge Ponte delle Grazie to go to Piazzale Michelangelo.

Passing on Ponte delle Grazie you’ll have a beautiful view of the famous Ponte Vecchio. This is one of the most characteristics views of Florence. A picture here is very instagrammable.

1 day in Florence

Continue now your tour by going to piazzale Michelangelo. From piazzale Michelangelo you can have an amzing view of Florence from above. When we want something is special we have to earn it and in fact a big effert is needed to get here 😉 … You’ll have to do a long stairway …

1 day in Florence

… but the view rewards your efforts and then you also have an excuse to have one more delicious fiorentina.

1 day in Florence

After this spectacle it’s the time to go back to the center and look for a restaurant.

1 day in Florence visit Florence in a day

While you are going back to the center take the opportuninty to go along Arno river …

1 day in Florence visit Florence in a day

… and pass on the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

The particularity of this bridge is that there are many shops on it. Here there are goldsmiths, silverware and jewelers.

visit Florence in a day


After having visited the city you can continue your day in Florence visiting his main important museum: The Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi Gallery is big and you have to plan well your time in it.

That’s why I’ve planned it for the aftenoon and not for the morning: the risk is to dedicate too much time to the museum and then, at the end, you don’t have time for all the other monuments you should visit.

In this museum you’ll see artworks of many famous painters and paintings of extraordinay value. So plan well your time and concentrate your attention to what you are more interested in.

At the end of your tour you’ll probably arrive where there is the coffee shop that has a beautiful terrace. The picture below shows what you can see from that terrace.

1 day in Florence visit Florence in a day

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