Is it worth to go to Disneyland Paris?

Is it worth to go to Disneyland Paris

Yes it is. Of course, it’s worth it but you can’t compare Disneyland Paris to DisneyWorld. Furthermore Disneyland Paris has only two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios.

You may compare Disneyland park to the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios to Hollywood Studios.

As a result I can say that Disneyand park is a very good park but Walt Disney Studios doesn’t have enough attractions and there is still al lot of work to do.

You can watch below a few videos so you can have an idea of how Disneyland Paris is.

In the Disneyland park you’ll have a lot of fun. You can try the most popular Disney attractions and decide if they are better here or in Disneyworld. You can enter in the Sleeping Beauty Castle and follow the story on the windows. Don’t miss then the dragon in the cave under the castle!

In Disneyland Park you’ll have a lot to explore. The park has many details and if you have time you can get lost in Adventureland. You can visit the Robinson Crusoe’s house and much more. I spent a lot of time in this park and I didn’t get bored.

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Best views in Paris: Where is the best view of Paris?

Best panoramic view of Paris

Best views in Paris – Looking the city from the top of a tower or a monument is very facinating and it gives you a different view of the city. You can have the best panoramic view of Paris.

In Paris there are many monuments and many panoramic views. The question is:

Best views in Paris: Where is the best view of Paris?

My favourite panoramic view of Paris is from the Montparnasse Tower. It’s very special because from here you can see the Eiffel Tower in front of you and all other monuments around you.

The following video shows you the best panoramic view of Paris by night:

You can admire the city from inside the tower through the glass window or you can go to the terrace located to the very top of the Tower. The terrace is protected by glass pannels but you can take beautiful pictures: there are areas where there isnt’t any glass so to place your camera and take pictures.

Best views in Paris Best panoramic view of Paris montparnasse tower

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Where is the best view of the Eiffel Tower?

If you are looking for a good point to see the Eiffel Tower this is one!

Alpyland Coaster Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore

alpyland stresa mottarone roller coaster

Alpyland – When you are in Stresa you can relax on Lake Maggiore, visit the Borromean Islands and much more.

However if you want to add something special to your holiday you should go on the top of the montain called Mottarone. Here there is a beautiful view on seven lakes and you can go on Alpyland.

Alpyland Coaster Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 1

Alpyland is a Rollercoaster where you can regulate your speed, enjoy the ride and at the same time you can see an amazing view of Lake Maggiore.

Watch the following video of our ride:

Here you can see the prices of the tickets according to the rides and riders:

Alpyland Coaster Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore 2

You can ride alone or with someone. Each rider pays for his ride even if he goes with someone else.

This ride is much better when it’s sunny because with good weather you can have a clear view of the lake.

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Lion king show Disneyland Paris

Lion king show Disneyland Paris 3

Rhythms of the pride lands: the lion king

It’s a very good show. You can see this show live in Frontierland area in Disneyland Paris park.

Lion king show Disneyland Paris 4

When the park is too crowded it’s much better to go at least 45 minutes before the start of the show. Otherwise you may not enter in the theater.

You can also see a video version of the show in Hollywood studios park Disneyland Paris.

Lion king show Disneyland Paris 5

Best Restaurants in Naples Italy: Where to eat in Naples

Best Restaurants in Naples Italy Where to eat in Naples

Best restaurants in Naples Italy – In Naples you can eat good food everywhere and this is where you come to find truly special pizza!  To help you we’ve compiled our list of the Best Restaurants and Pizzerias in Naples where you can try true Neapolitan Specialities.

best restaurants in naples italy
Where to eat in Naples

Best restaurants in Naples Italy

Restaurant Mimì at the Railway

Restaurant Mimì is located in an alley near the Station, not the best area of Naples, but this restaurant is certainly worth a visit. It’s a historic restaurant in Naples, decorated in a classic style and often attended by celebrities. Prawns are among the restaurant’s specialties and not to be missed!

Pizzeria Vesi in Piazza Costantinopoli

There are others that get more fanfare, but Pizzeria Vesi is where I had the best pizza in Naples. The Restaurant is in the area called Spaccanapoli and is attended by tourists and students alike. Soft dough and lots of fun.

Pizzeria by Michele

Pizzeria da Michele is in the historic center in Via Sersale and it’s the most famous pizzeria in Naples. The pizzeria was famously featured in the movie “Eat Pray Love” with Julia Roberts and supposedly the actress ate ten pizzas during the recording.

The restaurant is spartan and they serve up only two kinds of pizza: Margherita and Marinara. Even though they have shared tables, since it’s so popular with tourists, the wait times are quite long. While I do think the pizza is very good, the restaurant is just too crowded and doesn’t quite live up to all the hype.

Pizzeria La Notizia al Vomero

If you want to get away from the Neapolitan chaos, then you need to head over to the Vomero area. Here you’ll find the Pizzeria “La Notizia” which has been featured in the Michelin guide. It is simple but has a very nice style both in the choice of the menu and ingredients. The traditional Pizzeria is located in Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio 53 and at number 94 is where you’ll find the gourmet Pizzeria.

On the same street you can find “O’Sfizio d ‘a Notizia” where you can have tasty treats. The owner Enzo Coccia is a master of pizza and quite often seen on TV.

Trattoria O’Cerriglio in Piazza Dante

In the historic center is where you’ll find one of my favorite places, Tattoria O’Cerriglio. The pizza is the classic Neapolitan style and the fried foods are amazing, especially the stuffed pumpkin flowers. The menu is rich both meat and sea dishes and has something for everyone!

Trattoria Da Nennella in the Spanish Quarter

Located near the Toledo Metro stop in an alley closed to traffic, it doesn’t get any more Neapolitan than Trattoria Da Nennella. The food is home-made, the pasta with potatoes and provola is very good and very cheap, only about 15 euros, entrée and service included. Much better if you reserve a table in advance especially on Saturday evening. Not to be missed.

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