One day in Venice. 1 Amazing and unforgettable city!

One day in Venice – What should I do on my first day in Venice? Venice is on the water so the best way to visit Venice is by boat. Visiting Venice by boat gives you three advantages:

  1. a better view of the City
  2. you move faster
  3. you don’t get too tired and you can visit more.

One day in Venice

The first thing you should do in Venice is buy the ticket for the boat “vaporetto”. You can find a ticket office in front of the train station. Do you remember I told you the best way to arrive in Venice is by train?

You can see the ticket office in the picture. Take your daily ticket for the number of days you are in Venice and go to your hotel or start your tour. In Venice there are many Vaporetto stops you can take to enjoy a good tour.

In your first day in Venice you should go:

Piazza San Marco Venice

What to do: Go around the square and visit the basilica.
What not to do:

Basilica San Marco Venice

Ponte di Rialto

What to do:

Finish your day with a night tour on your boat “vaporetto”.

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